6 New Technologies for Mobile App Development

Ever since the emergence of mobile apps, they have taken the digital world by storm. In the earlier days, we ...
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5 Top Flutter Widgets For Developers

If you have ever delved into Flutter, you might have thought that it has a very steep learning curve. It ...
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7 Best Apps Created In Flutter Framework

Cross platform app development is all the rage nowadays. More and more developers are leaning towards it. And we can’t ...
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5 Hottest Gaming Apps To Entertain At Home During Coronavirus Pandemic

Everything was normal. We were going about our business. We had everything under control. And then WHAM… the coronavirus pandemic ...
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Apple iPhone 11 Pro

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max: Everything You Should Know About Its Features

As of now, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is the largest and also the biggest iPhone that has ever been ...
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Top Mobile Apps For Online Shopping During Coronavirus

Top 10 Mobile Apps For Online Shopping During Coronavirus

The current covid-19 pandemic has caused many areas around the world going into lockdown to restrict people from freely going ...
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Sentara Mobile App: How Its Effective For Healthcare Management

In this digitalized world, every organization is moving towards the technology. Considering the need for switching over to digital platforms, ...
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EA Mobile App Authenticator For Android and iOS Users

EA Mobile App Authenticator For Android and iOS Users

An app authenticator allows users to install the authentication app on your android or iOS devices to generate verification codes ...
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Florida Unemployment Mobile Apps to Find the Best Job Opportunity

Florida Unemployment Mobile App to Find the Best Job Opportunity

During the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of people all around the world have lost their jobs. Being one of the most ...
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