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Android Tablets 2020: 5 Top Picks for You


November 10 , 2020 Posted by Admin

Whether you have been working from home, or your kids have been home distance learning, the fact of the matter is that this pandemic has had us rushing to buy new and improved gadgets alongside the other necessities.

While Apple’s iPad range takes the cake in any conversation regarding the best tablet, the fact of the matter is that you might not want or need to spend the premium prices associated with Apple products. There is a huge number of android tablets available in the market, for all price brackets. And many of them offer a lot of attractive features which are more than enough to do the trick. But for a first time tablet buyer, or even someone who does not know what to look for in a device, it can be very tricky to know which devices suits their needs without breaking the bank. For example, if you need a tablet just to keep your kid entertained, then a professional spec tablet is surely overkill.

The best android tablet?

Considering all the factors such as price, functionality and support, we can say that the best tablet on the market right now is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite. While not as cheap and affordable as the Amazon Fire 7, or as premium as the Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus, but it offers a remarkable set of options while still being durable, high performing and having a massive app support. The last point is really important, as many apps are not compatible with some tablets, and no one wants to buy a tablet and then find out that the apps you need to run do not work with it. While many apps have been optimized by the developers at their android application company to work with tablets, many others are still in the works.

For the budget end of pricing, The Amazon Fire tabs are inarguably the best. The Fire 7 costs a measly $50, and supports the Amazon assistant Alexa, and has no competitor worth the name in that price range.

Similarly, if you want a tablet to draw, then the Galaxy Tab S6 and the Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite are the go to for you. Both of these offerings come with their own stylus, and offer USB-C charging.

Before looking at our picks for the best tablet, you need to know that we will not be including any of the really high end android tablets in this list. This list consist of tablets that we believe offer the best value-for-money. So, let’s read on.

Out Top Tablet Picks for 2020:

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite
Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite

Samsung has had a tough battle to fight at both ends of the price section, with Amazon putting up a good fight at the budget end with their ultra-affordable Fire tabs, and Apple holding strong at the pricier end with their iPads. But the Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite has made its mark, and made its presence known to the competitors. With more than 12 hours of battery life on a full charge, it offers a lot of screen time for the people on the go. A beautiful and sleek design, bright and clear display and a good sound setup, this is a good tablet for work, or even for entertainment purposes, allowing you binge watch your favorite shows without the need to hug a charger halfway through.

With huge app support despite the inattentiveness of many an android app developer, it has cemented its place as the best android app for its price.

  • Amazon Fire HD 8
Amazon Fire HD 8

Whenever I see a person looking for a budget tablet for entertainment purposes, I always suggest they Amazon Fire HD series to them, especially if they are an Amazon Prime subscriber. For basically a steal at a measly $90, you get a whole selection of features not found at that price range. With a massive battery life and a selfie cam better than many other pricier options it is a good bargain.

The only drawback, is that it is not a proper android tablet, not exactly. Running its own OS based on the android OS, it lacks apps such as YouTube or Gmail. That means that to access these, you need to use the web browser. But still not a bad deal for this price point.

  • Amazon Fire 7


While it justifies the price, users should know that expecting iPad or Galaxy tab level of functionality and quality out of a device that is cheaper than most device accessories is quite unreasonable. It is a perfect tab for kids to keep them entertained for hours, without having to worry about replacing or repairing an expensive device due to children’s carelessness.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 7
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7

Samsung Galaxy tabs have always been a favorite for many tablet users who prefer the android platform. The Galaxy S7 is beautifully built, with sleek and slim design and a light weight that makes it easy to use for long periods of time both in landscape and portrait mode, similar to the iPad pro series.

The screen on the Galaxy S7 is bright and sharp, that makes viewing shows on Netflix or other platforms more enjoyable, especially when paired with the tablets surprisingly long battery life.

On the business end, the DeX mode allows you to use it in a windowed android app experience, which makes it easy to do some work while on the go when combined with the optional Book Cover Case with attached keyboard. Although the keyboard is not great, it does its job quite well.

The SnapDragon 865+ chipset offers a good performance, and while many might opt for cheaper android tablets, this is a perfect high-end android tablet.

  • Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite
Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite

Finally, the Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite is a great offering from a company that many were not expecting could make a device as serviceable as this. The 10 inch tablet is priced just under the basic iPad, and offers a lot of functions and features.

For a tablet so far down the price range, it offers a stylus called the M-Pen, which can be used to draw and write on the tablet screen. The included quad-speaker setup is also quite clear and loud, filling up a large room easily and with clarity. The tab comes with a high resolution screen that can produces bright and sharp image quality, with a battery that easily lasts over half a day of usage.

The quintessentially perfect tab for the family, with a special feature called the Kids Corner. While it still needs a little work, it allows you to log your child’s fingerprints into the tablet, so that when they scan their finger, the tablet directly takes them to the Kids Corner. All in all, a good offering from an unlikely source.

Choosing the best tablet for you:

In conclusion, choosing the best tablet for your needs means looking at the apps and utilities you require, and what options within your budget can easily run them. While battery life and display quality is quite similar for many apps, the selection of apps is the main thing that needs to be considered.

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