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Flutter App Development: Benefits To Use Flutter In Mobile App Development


January 20 , 2020 Posted by Admin

Mobile application development has two main platforms: Android and iOS. To develop a mobile application, different codes are written on different tools for both Android and iOS. Therefore, cross-platform app development was introduced to make it easy for developers to develop an application for both Android and iOS on the same technology. Within some time, cross-platform app development gained popularity as it saves time and effort to build an app. Flutter entered the mobile app development world in February 2018 at the Mobile World Congress. Flutter app development toolkit helps to build an app for both Android and iOS platforms.

Flutter is a free and open-source toolkit and uses a C++ rendering engine. It is based on the Dart programming language and provides its widgets. The developer community and lots of app owners are attracted to Flutter due to the large number of advantages it holds. Let’s look at the benefits of using the Flutter framework for the app development company.

1. Hot Reload

Hot Reload is a feature of Flutter
Hot Reload: A feature of Flutter

Hot Reload is a feature of Flutter that allows developers to see all the changes they have made to the code instantly. This superb mobile app development is quick due to its extraordinary development speed. It also enables collaboration among designers and developers if they want to work simultaneously and improve the app’s appearance.

2. Cross-Platform Development

Flutter for Cross-Platform Development
Cross-Platform Development In Flutter

Suffice it to say that there’s no need for coding for multi-platform applications. Only one codebase is built and can be used by two different applications. Flutter is the only framework that allows the sharing of UI code and UI itself. Consequently, flutter can build smart UI without any external features.

3. Perfect for MVP

flutter mobile application for iOS and Android
Perfect for MVP

Much more time and energy is consumed in developing two different applications. If you want to invest in a product that will give you a return quickly, you can build a Flutter mobile application that runs on Android and iOS. In this way, you will get an opportunity to experience greater engagement.

4. Widgets

Flutter creates custom widgets
Widgets – Flutter App Development

An app’s interface should look natural regardless of the screen’s size. Therefore, widgets are necessary for an app’s view. Flutter can create any type of complex custom widget with its rich set of widgets and extensive capabilities. In Flutter, everything is defined as a widget. It may be a structural element like a button or menu, a stylistic element like a font or color scheme, or an aspect of the layout like padding.

5. Access to Native Features

Functions in Flutter to entertain users
Access to Native Features – Flutter Development

Camera, geolocation, and some other platform-specific functions require access to native features. Nowadays, Android app development services are adding extraordinary functions through Flutter to entertain users with the native platform. Ensure to make the most of Flutter to access native features over Android and iOS platforms.

6. Official Support

Flutter Official Support
Official Support In Flutter

Flutter is a framework of Google and hence has the advantage of being Google’s initiative. IOS app development services contribute to the growth of this framework. There’s great support behind this Google toolkit.

7. Own Rendering Engine

Own Rendering Engine: features in Flutter
Own Rendering Engine

Many features are unavailable on other platforms, but you can play with these features in Flutter. Users can utilize a high-performance multi-platform Skia engine for rendering itself. Using Skia, UI builds in Flutter can be used on any platform without adjusting UI according to the platform.


8. Easy to Set Up

Flutter is easy to set up
Flutter: Easy to Set Up

Flutter is compatible with almost all operating systems, and you don’t need to be worried if your OS will handle it or not. Flutter is easy to set up on all operating systems. Coding on Flutter can be done on low-end machines as well.


Flutter is a cross-platform app development toolkit introduced by a popular search engine in 2018. It contains various features that are not yet launched by any other cross-platform frameworks and is the only toolkit to possess their features. In Flutter, everything on the screen, from its interface to the entire screen and app itself, is presented as a widget. The codebase and UI can be made only once and used on different Flutter applications. Flutter is easy to set up on any operating system and helps write code faster than any other cross-platform development framework.

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