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Top Android Development Trends in 2021


January 13 , 2021 Posted by Admin

Whether you are a mobile app developer looking to familiarize yourself with the latest in Android app development trends or a business owner looking for ideas to incorporate into a mobile app that they want to have developed for their brand, the goal of searching for the latest trends is the right choice. That is because knowing the trends can help a developer create better apps that are exactly what the consumers want or can help a business owner or entrepreneur plan an app that leverages the trends into features on their apps that make them more attractive in the eyes of the consumers. 

Now, in the world of mobile app development, two major mobile platforms lead the pack by a long shot. They are the iOS platform by Apple and the Android Platform by Google. Of these two mobile operating systems, devices manufactured by Apple only use iOS, while virtually every other smartphone manufacturer, of which there are many, uses Android as their operating system. Therefore, that means a large market and demand for mobile apps designed for the Android platform. 

Except for a few countries like the United States of America and the United Kingdom, where iOS devices are far more common, smartphone users of the vast majority of the world use Android devices. If you are a business developer looking to have an app built for your brand and your market research shows that a larger number of potential customers use Android, it is obvious that you will have the app developed for the Android platform. To do that, you, as the business owner, need to be aware of the latest trends and practices that are popular at the time so that you can use them to your advantage and equip the app with the best features present. This will help you develop an app that not only works well but also makes it easier to make the app more appealing to the users at the time. 

Therefore, whether you are a developer looking to keep up with the current trends in the mobile app development industry or a business owner looking for ideas to incorporate into their plans for an app, this article is the place to be for you. We have compiled a list of carefully selected trends that we believe will take the top position this year in popularity and use. 

Let us see what these trends in Android app development are.

Top Trends in Android App Development 2021:

While there are a number of trends that are quite popular in the app development market each year, not all of them are feasible in the long run. Many fade into obscurity within a few years, while only a few enter common-use practices. In the development market, a good trend enters mainstay practice. We have carefully vetted the trends listed below, and we believe these trends are here to stay. Let us see what these trends are this year.

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence has been a common phrase nowadays, and people with no idea of its actual capabilities use it to explain anything they do not understand. The fact of the matter is that artificial intelligence and its sub-group machine learning are a great way to make your app more interactive and attractive, as the inclusion of these technologies allows the apps to automatically learn and adapt to the user based on their usage, without being explicitly programmed for each learned behavior. This allows for apps that can adapt and thus give better service; this allows developers to give the users a sense of personalization and exclusivity, which is a great way to retain users in most cases. 

While AI and ML can be used for a number of things, they are mostly used to handle unstructured data in apps, such as apps that use your image viewing habits to suggest similar images or shopping apps that automatically understand the kind of products you like and target advertisements for those to your screen. 

Luckily, Android has support for many AI and ML toolkits, which allow for easier development and implementation of these techniques into the Android app. The only thing you need is someone who knows how to develop and deploy models into the data pipeline properly, and you are set to develop an AI-capable app.

  • Kotlin

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Multi-platform development is growing in popularity, especially using Kotlin multi-platform environments. Platforms such as Flutter have been quite popular for cross-platform development, and now Kotlin is fast gaining up to it. 

What Kotlin aims for is easy sharing of source code, which can run on a number of platforms, ranging from Android and iOS to Mac and Windows as well. Developers can easily share the code wherever it is required, which not only helps you test it on multiple platforms while allowing for a more diverse team of developers without requiring similar hardware. This helps save time and a lot of effort and allows you to bring on board a number of people separated by geographical barriers. 

Using multi-platform apps allows us to reuse most of our app code between different app versions, which allows for less overall developmental effort while having more free time. This allows us to build an app for another platform and use the code written for our modules by copying it into the new code.

Code reuse is a big plus-point in today’s world, as it helps save a lot of time and cost if each piece of code is written exclusively. That is one of the biggest reasons we see cross-platform environments like Kotlin fast gaining ground in the app development world. While currently, web app development services have a wider share of the multi-platform market, Kotlin is fast coming up. 

  • Internet of Things

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Internet of Things

The Internet of Things has gained ground in the world these past few years. Moreover, with devices connected and controlled via the internet, mobile apps are a necessary part of that new trend. IoT systems built on platforms such as Raspberry Pi and Arduino can make use of mobile apps, which makes interacting with those systems easier and more manageable. 

Now, the most interesting thing is that a developer developing for IoT does not need to have a deep knowledge of such systems or even embedded systems for the most part. Using development kits and IDEs, they can develop top-notch apps that can make good of IoT systems that are connected to them. These development tools give us the ability to use onboard peripherals, as well as connect to others via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, which helps us control a wide array of tools and functions. 

Finally, once you develop your app, these tools allow you to push your source code to the devices on the system wherever required, as well as to send OTA updates and patches later on quite easily. This way, the Internet of Things can be used in a wide variety of personal and professional settings so that a number of common activities can be made simpler and faster. 

The fact is that the mobile platform is an ever-changing creature whose progress is based on many factors. Whether you were looking to polish up on the current trends as a developer or were looking for ideas to make your app stand out, we hope this article helped you in your goal. 

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