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An Ultimate Guide to Crafting a Stunning Hotel Booking App with Types, Must-Have Features, and Cost Estimations


June 7 , 2023 Posted by Admin

Due to their cutting-edge business models and technological advances, leading online travel companies like Airbnb and now make a big difference in the tourism industry. As the internet has grown, there has been a massive increase in the need for mobile or web application development services, which are essential for making services accessible and quick.

The travel and tourism business is expected to bring in $854.80 billion in 2023.

Making an app for booking hotels is essential to get the most out of the tourism business. Many pros and startups are competing to make the best hotel booking apps.

To make a hotel booking app, you will need the help of the best mobile application development services or an app development company. Here to help you make your hotel booking app is the best mobile app development company in the USA. You must know how to create web apps to make a hotel booking app.

This piece discusses how to make a hotel booking app and its main features and subcategories. Let’s begin with the advantages.

The Advantages of a Hotel Booking App For Hotel And Users Both

Hotel Benefits:

• Hotel booking apps offer the benefit of effortless guest tracking, ensuring that guests can be easily located. Even small hotels that only open during the busy times of the year could get visitors all year long.
• A hotel booking app automatically estimates how much a room and room service will cost. This makes mistakes much less likely.
• Booking applications help hotel managers find new markets, attract customers, keep in touch with customers, and spread their hotel brand to give excellent customer service. This makes it easier for guests to check in and out, which makes them more likely to stay longer and suggest your hotel to other travelers.

Users Benefits:

• Applications for booking hotels can thoroughly search all nearby hotels.
• Choosing the best hotel is effortless for users, with options to filter by location, price, amenities, and check-in and check-out times.
• People who use hotel booking apps can rate hotels by looking at information about the hotel and pictures of the rooms.
• Customers who book hotels through apps may have several ways to pay, such as cash, debit and credit card cash transfers, in-app payments or online banking, or cash at check-in.

Types Of Hotel Booking Apps


If you want to make an app to book hotels, you should know what kind of app you need. You should know precisely what you will offer customers and what features you want to include in your app’s hotel booking features.

Here are some of the most basic kinds of apps for finding hotels:

1. Hotel Consolidation App

The main goal of these apps is to collect information about hotels and make it easy for users to find them. Just a few examples are,, TripAdvisor, etc.

2. Hotel Chains Mobile App

This booking app is meant to only take orders for rooms in the same hotel chain. It focuses on one hotel chain or hotel as its primary customer. Two examples are Marriott Gold and Hilton Honours.

3. Book Hotels For Last-Minute Trips App

You should use this app if one of your customers needs to book a hotel room quickly. Customers who want to book a hotel at the last minute can do so with this app.

4. Advance Booking Hotel App

With this kind of app, you can make hotel bookings up to a year ahead of time. This is a popular way to book a hotel that many websites and apps use, like Priceline and Expedia.

5. Hybrid Hotels Planning App

This hotel booking app caters to the needs of both proactive planners and last-minute bookers, offering a seamless blend of convenience for all customers.

Hotel Booking App Development Process


An app for booking rooms needs to be well thought out and implemented. A specific set of steps must ensure that the minimum viable product (MVP) meets the client’s wants and expectations. To begin, conduct market research to understand the industry and identify your unique qualities. The next step is determining the features in the MVP and finding a good app development company to handle the job.

To ensure the app fits the company’s goal, it’s essential to keep an eye on how development is going and meet with the development team regularly. After the MVP has been made, you can gather customer feedback to improve and add to the app’s features. You can use ready-to-use software based on themes or create your own software to make a hotel booking app.

Ready-to-use software might be easy, but it doesn’t have the unique benefits that a custom-made app does, and it might have features that need to be more critical for the business. Customized hotel booking apps ensure that companies only pay for the features they need to grow. They also give businesses an app made just for them and their needs.

By following these tips and choosing the right development strategy, businesses can successfully start a hotel booking app and take advantage of the many opportunities in the travel and tourism industry.

Vital Steps For Hotel Booking App Development USA


Let’s discuss the development process of making a custom hotel booking app.

1. Getting Information About The Project: In the first step, you need to gather the details about the job and put them in order. Collect the technical needs so you can make a detailed development plan. Each screen’s design is made by UI/UX.
2. Designing UI/UX: UI/UX design team uses the wireframes, specs, and development goals to make the screen prototype.
3. Development Process: The sample screen has been turned into a working app that meets the requirements. At App Development Pros, each stage of development is broken up into sprints, which include testing, writing, and releasing.
4. Control Of Quality: Now, you have to test your goods. This is the job of the quality assurance (QA) engineer. The testing results are used to make bug reports, which are then sent to the development team so that the problems are fixed.
5. Product Release: The finished product is ready for sale once all the bugs have been fixed and the final touches have been added. The app is fully prepared to be launched into the market. The team then seeks feedback and incorporates any necessary changes based on the comments received.
6. App Support: Updating and maintaining are common ways to improve the end product over time.

Even though the ways above look simple, they take a lot of time and work. To make a customized hotel booking app that works, it’s essential for all the tools to work together.

What Vital Features A Hotel Booking App Must Have?


The feature is the building block for making an app for a hotel. The main features of the booking app make it easy to use and ensure that the brand’s name for reliability stays strong. As a result, we have compiled a list of things that can enhance the popularity of your app among users.

• Search Options: Make it easy for people to find information about hotels and their facilities.
• Hotel Info: Give people access to intricate details, pictures, and reviews of hotels so they can make well-informed decisions.
• Filters: These let people sort results by things like price and reviews.
• Robot Customer Service: Make it possible for customers to get help and support through a robot.
• Push Alerts and Notifications: Use real-time alerts to inform users about offers, check-in/check-out times, and reservation confirmation.
• Currency conversion and Automatic language recognition: Make sure that payment options and foreign exchange are accessible to make booking easy. Automatically changes the language and currency.
• Estimation of The Travel and Lodging Cost: Use predictive analytics to help customers find cheap trips and places to stay.
• Receipt for Payment: When a customer pays, a receipt is instantly made so that they can keep track of their reservations.
• Taxi and Car Reservations: For a smooth trip, users should be able to book taxis and cars from within the app.
• Cancellation policy: There should be refund choices and flexible cancellation rules to meet client needs.
• Reliable in-app payments: Include automatic language translation and price conversion to give users a customized experience.

Cost Estimates For Making An App To Book Hotels

The price of making a hotel app depends on several factors, such as the type of app, the features that must be included, its complexity, the operating system, the development method, the technologies used, the team members, and the costs of rollout and support. It’s hard to say precisely how much it will cost, but an MVP with simple booking features can be made in 3–4 months or even more for between €20,000 and €40,000.

Note: The price can vary as economic conditions change often.

Do You Wish To Built A Hotel Booking App With App Development Pros Expertise?

More and more people are using mobile devices, which gives hospitality companies a chance to talk to customers and help them along their journey. You can get more customers and attract new ones who don’t want to waste time making plans the old-fashioned way if you use hotel booking apps.

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