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6 Best Video Editing Apps for the Android


November 26 , 2020 Posted by Admin

Nowadays, everyone has a camera embedded within their smartphones at all times. And with the advancements in camera technology, the videos and photos turn out far better than the grainy photos of yesteryears. While you enjoy snapping photos and recording videos, there may come a time when you might want to create a video montage for someone or some event.

Similarly, in a professional setting, a digital marketer might want to create a video for one of their clients. They might not always have access to a reliable computer to do that, such as while on the go, or simply because they rely on their Android device for all their business needs, so they never needed a computer. And many professionals are now opting to get mobile devices such as phones and tablets over bulkier laptops and PCs.

In both these cases, you would want to use a video editing tool on your Android device to do the video editing. But you might be confused about the quality and reliability of the vast array of video editing tools on the app store. While the app store may host a large number of tools for video editing developed by an amateur Android app developer, which is barely up to the mark, we have compiled a list of the top six tools for the Android platform that are sure to turn out high-quality videos. So, let’s get on with it. 

  1. Viddy:


Viddy is a great little tool for creating video montages by helping you create great videos for your family or friends that perfectly capture the emotions you were trying to portray. This app is designed for amateur users who are not proficient with professional video editing tools. This means that with just a few taps, you can create a great video without any hassle, using a number of your video clips and photos available in your gallery. The small number of steps required to make it work, or the general ease of use, makes it a highly recommended tool for those who just want a video editing tool a couple of times a year or are beginners.

  1. FilmoraGo:


Filmora Go is a well-known tool for those who have dabbled in video editing on mobile devices. The best feature that it allows its users is the real-time preview it allows, which makes tweaking the video montage easier before rendering it into a final video. The steps required to make it work are quite simple. Just choose the video clips and/or images you want in the video, choose the theme that suits your needs, any filters you might like, choose to put in music, add titles, and finally, the video transitions, Tweaking the result before exporting the video to your device storage. It also allows us to share the resulting video directly to any number of people we want, through the different social media platforms.

  1. Adobe Premium Clip:

    Adobe Premium Clip

Media manipulation tools by Adobe Industries are always quality tools. Be they developed for mobile or PC, they will provide quality results regardless of platform. 

Adobe Premium Clip is a great example of that. It is quite an enjoyable app to use. It is fast, allows you to share videos directly to social media platforms, and the number of features it sports makes it quite helpful. It also allows us to automatically create videos, which only requires us to choose the sound stream, the images, and the video clips we want in the video, and finally, after the video is rendered, trim and edit the video as required before sharing it. The editing of the final video’s light adjustment and colors is a great feature missing in many other tools.

  1. Movie Maker:

    Movie Maker

This tool gives us a number of features, such as various filters, visual effects for animation, and many other effects that are helpful in making your videos better and more catchy. It allows you to trim your clips, crop the images, and rearrange the order to add them. Movie Maker allows you to create beautiful videos by selecting the filter that suits your needs, your choice of automatic video editor, add emojis and other such animations and then render the video. Finally, the video can be shared directly on many social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and others. This is a tool mostly recommended for amateur or recreational use, as it is not as professionally featured compared to some of the other tools on this list.

  1. PowerDirector:


PowerDirector is a great tool for any user. It provides us with a number of features and effects, video editors, and much more to make your video editing experience even greater. One of its most iconic features is the slow-motion video. This makes it one of the best tools for video editing out there. Similarly to the other apps on this list, such as Magisto or Movie Maker, it creates videos with a number of features and effects, but what makes it stand out from the crowd is the ability to rotate the video, slip and trim the video, before rendering it out in High Definition, or HD quality. This last feature alone is enough to help it stand above many similar tools.

  1. Magisto:


A great video editing tool by the video hosting platform Vimeo, this tool is known and loved by many users of Android services for video editing. It was also one of Google’s “Best Android Apps” list of 2015, so it has been in the market for a long time. Its most iconic feature is the ability to turn a few video clips and images into a high-quality automatic music video for its user. This feature allows us to use well-written filters, smooth transitions, and many other effects that help create a resultant video, which is far better than that created using many other tools. It also allows us to share the video to social media sites easily.

So, how many of these tools were you familiar with, and how many had you used before? No matter what tool you use from the list above or any other tool you are familiar with, the result should be attractive, and most importantly, if the video was for a marketing purpose, then it should be able to attract leads as required. A good video that does the job that is required of it is what we would need as a digital marketer.

Whether you knew about any of these tools or were not aware of them, this list will surely help you choose the video editing tool that will suit your needs, whether you are a professional looking for a tool on the go or an amateur looking to create a video for sentimental purposes.

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