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10 Ultimate Real Life Cases of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) in 2023


March 8 , 2023 Posted by Admin

Today it is well-known that performance is essential to the profitability and success of the e-commerce venture. As a result, websites worldwide use the latest standard, Progressive Web Apps, to enhance performance.

The front-end technology that Google assists with delivers a very high-level performance irrespective of network or device situation. Such frond-end technology reaches by improving PWAs with native-app capabilities that are fast, reliable, and engaging. The PWA idea is comparatively new to most people.

To genuinely comprehend the PWA or progressive web app work process compared to traditional responsible websites, the most appropriate way is to get to know about some best examples of PWAs.

So here, App Development Pro, the best game design and PWA App Development Company in the USA, will list inspiring examples of PWAs or Progressive Web Apps of multiple business industries. In this blog, you will receive information related to the new web or app technology associated with PWAs.



Starbucks is an excellent example of creating an ordering system PWA on the web. It is a user-friendly, accessible online ordering structure on the web offering an authentic experience in their native app.

The Starbucks PWA app can operate in offline mode. It lets their clients for menu browsing and order customization and can add products to their carts.

Users can perform them with inconsistent online accessibility. Customers can look at pricing based on location and order drinks or food online.

Because PWA mainly exists offline, it can be good news for customers with connectivity issues during the day or evolving markets, such as rural areas with a low online connection. Thus, Starbucks introduced a new ordering system using PWA which gives tremendous successful results.

When comparing Starbucks current iOS app, its PWA app is about 99% smaller, giving users an advantage in using it more conveniently. Consequently, it doubles the user ratio by a dual margin who orders daily, whereas desktop users now order daily at the same level as mobile users.


Debenham comes at the top regarding fashion brands, modernizing the consumer purchasing experience. The well-known UK Company saw that although their old website improved mobile traffic, the mobile conversion rate was growing as expected. They realize they must undergo a digital transition or face a digital and overall growth slowdown. The company searches for a suitable solution to provide a seamless experience for customers, particularly on mobile devices.

Debenhams set up their answer with PWA and decides to convert their earlier website into a PWA. They streamlined the shopping process and made it easier for customers by fixing issues like page load times and confusing menus. As a result, Debenhams saw an increase of 40% in mobile sales and a rise of 20% in clickthroughs.


BMW, a pioneer brand in the auto business, is fearless in embracing new technologies in its automobiles and website. The brand’s goal was to enhance its customers’ experience by providing high-quality and remarkable content.

The new BMW’s PWA offers users a mesmerizing experience. Its high-quality visual and smooth video playback (4X times faster than the old site) immediately impresses anyone visiting it for the first time. The reports of PWA’s inception reveal some fantastic statistics like a five times increase in traffic to the BMW sales site from the homepage, a 50% increase in mobile visitors, and a 49% increase in total site visits when compared to the previous website.



Flipboard is the most widely used social magazine because it gives users a central location to read about and discover content across all their interests. The website provides magazine-style compilations of global news and stories based on the user’s preferences. Users can create their Flipboard magazines and save the articles, photos, and videos they find interesting to read later or share with friends.

It’s easier to find a better PWA than Flipboard when it comes to reading the latest online news. The PWA reduces data consumption to provide a swift and elegant browsing experience. The original Flipboard app was a smartphones app that mobile devices can operate it. The PWA allows desktop users to access Flipboard like their mobile counterparts.


Soundslice is a cutting-edge web-based software that completely changes how musicians study and practice their craft. The organization goes for PWA to provide the best environment for making and exploring music. The PWA-based program uses a novel music player to facilitate the learning process for self-taught musicians. Whether on a smartphone or a desktop computer, anyone can utilize the Soundslice player to study an entire musical score while listening to and reading about it.

Also, music educators can use the application to develop engaging music courses for their students. Soundslice is a website dedicated to audio-based education; it features a marketplace where users can buy lessons and transcriptions.


MakeMyTrip.com is a shining example of a progressive web app. About eight million people in India visit the site of the country’s largest travel agency every month, with mobile traffic making up roughly two-thirds of the total. In response to the growing popularity of mobile devices as a booking platform, MakeMyTrip built a progressive web app (PWA) to provide users with a superior mobile web experience.

As a result of the 38% decrease in page load times enabled by the new PWA experience triples the conversion rate. MakeMyTrip allows to create a 160% increase in user sessions and a see a bounce rate reduction of 20% with their PWA mobile version compared to their previous mobile site.

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Uber rewrote its website from the ground up as a progressive web app (PWA) to keep up with demand in emerging areas. The Uber PWA was built to work even on slower, 2G networks, allowing users to book cars easily. The Progressive Web App (PWA) is ideal for riders using low-end devices incompatible with the native Uber app. It gives an experience like a real app and obtainable on all modern browsers.

Uber has made it possible for users to quickly request rides regardless of location, network speed, or device by recreating the original experience in a lightweight web app. Despite being so feature-rich, the app’s core is merely 50 kb, meaning it can load in under three seconds on 2G networks.


Pinterest’s new mobile web experience was built as a progressive web app from the bottom up to expand internationally. Social network reveals that due to poor mobile performance, just 1% of mobile users sign up, log in, or install the app.

The team then decided to rebuild the mobile web using PWA technology after discovering a massive chance to increase conversion. As a result, the average time spent on the mobile web rises by 40%, primary engagements are improved by 60%, and the user-generated ad income increased by 44%.


Yummly is the native cooking discovery platform that familiarizes users by learning their preferences, dietary restrictions, cooking prowess, and other factors. It provides them with tailored meal suggestions, shopping lists, and even in-store grocery delivery. As a progressive web app (PWA), Yummly is accessible from any web browser besides its native Android and iOS apps.

Yummly’s PWA is similar to its leading site, serving as a search engine for culinary-related topics. It lets users find over 1 million recipes from local food brands, niche blogs, and food sites.

You can improve your search by multiples criteria, like diet, ingredient, nutrition, allergy, price, taste, cuisine, time, meal course, and more.



Since Spotify and Apple have disagreed about the 30% app store commission charged by Apple, the company saw this as an excellent chance to begin work on a progressive web app (PWA) version of their app. Shopify aims to join the ranks of many other major brands that have done the same.

The PWA version of the app is much quicker than the native version and features an adaptive user interface. The background image and other design elements vary depending on the user’s actions within the app. Spotify PWA is more accessible and equal to its different versions because, like many other PWAs, consumers are prompted to add it to their home screen.


From PWA games to PWA Magento, PWA has many potential applications in the tech industry. This blog will be a valuable opportunity to learn about the most prominent example brands that can convince you to create PPWA for your business. So please chat with us by visiting our website and exploring App Development Pros, the best PWA App Development, Game Design, and unity game app Development Company in the USA.

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