2D & 3D Games – How Far We’ve Come to Circle Back

2D & 3D Games – How Far We’ve Come to Circle Back


February 19 , 2021 Posted by Admin

After getting through 2020 by the skin of our teeth, we have a new appreciation for ‘the outside’. Oh, how we’ve missed the old days of walking in parks freely and hanging out in public places to laugh. Socializing freely is a rare practice now. The ugly truth is without going, most of us don’t have much to look forward to in our everyday lives, made very clear to us when Netflix no longer gave us comfort.

One of the most popular pastimes in 2020 for the self-quarantined was video games. They got us through some tough times in the year of the Covid. We all gave a good once-over multiple times to our entire game collection. Catching up with the times, maintaining the pre-corona routine of keeping up with the game progression, and reminiscing about our childhood dreams of becoming gamers when we grow up.

2D Games

2D Games

Whether 2D or 3D, we’ve always had a special nostalgia for video games. Games, whether 2D, 3D, or virtual reality, were our best friends again, just like when we were kids. Some platforms were the go-to during 2020 for respite from fear, frustration, and boredom, like Miniclip. This 2D heartthrob of casual gamers experienced increased web traffic in record numbers. The 2D games never go out of style, no matter how much the 3D games show us the future. However, many advancements have been made in the 2D game world, from the graphics to the platform to the art style approach. A 2D game development company knows exactly what it’s making and who they are making it for. 

Although 2D game designers can afford to have a more laidback outlook on their target audience because 2D is for the casual gamer primarily. Something to engage you to pass the time. The 2D game is much more accessible than its 3D counterpart due to its universal compatibility with most devices and operating systems. But what it cashes in for being accessible trades back in implementation as a 2D game is not as well implemented as a 3D game.

That being said, the 2D does stand out regarding the accessibility of its player base. Readily available on the Google Play Store and the App Store, 2D games are a no-brainer, simple-to-use recreation for which no one has any buyer’s remorse. This gives the gamer a more relaxed and casual attitude to the game, which makes it a more enjoyable experience. A 3D game designer could never have that luxury in the real world.

The Comeback of 2D

The Comeback of 2D

Growing up, Metal Gear had just about the same hype as Metal Slug did. In recent years, 2D games have made a big comeback with the inception of online stores like Google Play and the App Store and have since been in full swing. This can be attributed to the attitude of the general population towards 2D games. With a pick-up-and-play experience, gamers don’t have to delve into the game world so deeply regarding familiarity. No practice or backstory is needed; just get going. 

Unlike the old days, the gamer no longer cares whether it’s 2D or 3D as long as it has substance, as in everything in life. Especially with handheld, portable, and mobile devices these days, the 2d is right at home in a gamer’s collection. One of the leaders, Unity Game Development Service, has created games for both 2D and 3D technologies. Their portfolio extends far and wide, from Temple Run to Rust to Garena Free Fire. Since it’s a user-friendly app, just about anyone interested in building games can do it on the Unity app. Easy to use, especially for 2D games, and a great learning tool to introduce yourself to game development. Unity is perfect for 2D games with scroll, slide, or tap interaction like Vector, Candy Crush, and Fruit Ninja. 

2D Or Not 2D

2D Or Not 2D

Deciding which way to go, 2D or 3D, when making the game is the easy part, or at least it should be. It all depends on the project you pick up, what components or working parts it has, and what sort of team you need to assemble. Most of the time, it should be a no-brainer according to your personal preference – like knowing the answer to ‘PlayStation or Xbox’. 

Fret not if you err; higher beings than us have made that mistake and persevered from it. For example, the underwhelming gamer reviews for 3D versions of games like Donkey Kong, Sonic, and Pacman sent a message, loud and clear, to the game developer’s community. They never made that mistake again. A lot of the time, 2D is better, and sometimes it’s the only real option.

Final Boss

It is hopeful that 2D games are not slowing down or getting complacent. 2D gameplay exploration is ongoing, and constantly coming up with new ideas. With different styles to animate and create motion, 2D is still branching out to create newer trends in game creation. This experimentation shows the new-age game developer’s psyche and confidence. This is sure to lead to a new experience of 2D for the gamers at large. This confidence, more importantly, reflects the spirit of innovation instead of competition.

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