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Cross-Platform and Unique Designs for Mobile Apps In 2023


April 26 , 2023 Posted by Admin

It could be difficult to think of a million dollar mobile app idea. What if we gave you 26 futuristic cross-platform app ideas that are inspiring? As according to Statista, in 2022, it was anticipated that global app will generate US$430.90 billion in sales.

That would be cool. Let’s get going!

Here are 26 creative ideas for Android and iOS apps that you may use to get started developing them in 2023.

Even for novices, some of these suggestions are simple to put into practice.

  1. App for Grocery Shopping

A grocery shopping mobile app that generates shopping lists based on the allocated budget is the concept. Based on the location, budget, date, and history of the purchases, items on the shop list and shop recommendations are given.

Machine learning technologies can also be applied based on recent inputs and past purchases.

  1. Mood Tracking App


You can rate your day using an app for Android and iOS app development services and look for trends that influence your mood.

You could list and assess the things that happened during the day, including places and events. The software is supposed to hunt for patterns by analyzing your previous actions. It will make ideas for how to lift your mood based on that.

  1. Social Networking App for Parents with Children

A community where single parents can connect and exchange interests, advice, stories, and ideas.

Based on the data that the parents share about themselves, this mobile app will match the parents.

  1. Identifying Brands App

Users of this brand identifier software will be able to discover more information about a certain brand or item. The smartphone app will list articles, data, and news about the company as well as the product by scanning the item’s emblem or tag. It will also let people know if a piece of apparel is real or not in the case of clothing.

  1. AR App for Schools

Many kids find it difficult to comprehend particular academic subjects.

This program makes it easier to illustrate difficult concepts taught in schools like biology or chemistry. The software uses Augmented Reality technology to aid students in seeing and comprehending difficult concepts.

  1. App for Presentations


You can use the application to present your 3D models everywhere.

You may use this program to import your 3D models into iOS and android app development services and mobile devices and display them wherever you choose.

The concept could be used effectively in many other disciplines, including commercial project presentations.

  1. Food Delivery App

A mobile application that lets users order food and schedule delivery times. Customers will be informed of the potential pick-up time after placing their order.

Customers can avoid standing in line by using this mobile application because their order will be ready when they go to the restaurant.

Feel free to expand upon and test this concept. The free cross-platform app development tool makes it easy to create an application template for both Android and iOS. Once the template is complete, you can modify the app to meet the requirements of other eateries.

  1. App for Identifying Celebrities

Have you ever found yourself in a scenario where you were trying to remember an actor’s name while watching a movie?

This concept might be used to identify music using the same technique that the well-known software Shazam was based on.

You may easily get more information about a celebrity by taking a picture of them. The software will give you the most pertinent information on the internet after it has processed the picture.

  1. Other Identification & Recognition App

The aforementioned technique can be used to identify not only songs or personalities, but also movies, TV series, perfumes, etc.

  1. App for Online Shopping


A virtual shopping tool for making shopping lists at particular stores. Additionally, it would inform customers of whether the chosen item was accessible at the shop that was the closest to their location. It would also provide them with a recommended list of locations where they can pick up the things if they are out of stock.

  1. App for Contractor Finder

Users of this software can locate contractors in any industry. Also, users can submit their requests, evaluate rates, or read testimonials for previous services. On the basis of availability, reviews, proximity to their location, and cost, they can choose reputable suppliers.

  1. Sharing Notes App

Have you missed a lesson, meeting, conference, or seminar? You’d want to see the event notes, but you can’t seem to find anyone who has them.

This app’s goal is to build a community where users may publish, share, and comment on fresh or pre-existing notes about a specific subject.

  1. Parking Space Finder App

The smartphone app that aids in finding nearby paid and unpaid parking spaces. To locate nearby paid and free parking spaces, the app may employ GPS, webcams, location, and parking data in real-time.

  1. Mobile Phone Locating App with Voice Recognition

Everyone has forgotten where they put their phone or which pocket they dumped it in at least once in their lifetime.

Using this software could save you time from having to search every possible location for your items. Saying the code word activates the voice activation feature of this smartphone app.

  1. App for Social Attachment

By assisting you in locating local others who share your interests, the smartphone app facilitates socializing. You can swipe to identify people in your region after selecting areas of interest, such as movies, sports, video games, books, and the like. The method of meeting individuals can resemble the Tinder app.

  1. Table Booking App

A restaurant booking app that enables users to reserve a table at their preferred eatery. When a reservation is made, details are given, including a floor plan, availability, and the number of seats at the table.

  1. App for Lost & Found

Are your keys still in the parking lot? Have you misplaced any jewels in the dressing room? Do you know anyone who has ever lost a tiny object?

The purpose of this software is to reunite lost things with their rightful owners. In order to help these lost objects return to their owners, users can upload the items they locate at a particular spot.

  1. App for Gift Delivery


The plan is to develop a smartphone app that users may use to deliver gifts right to the doorsteps of their loved ones as a surprise. Customers have a wide range of options for products and services from nearby retailers. The store owners can also create their own store profile. Customers have access to a wide range of products and have the option to select and customize the packaging. Following the transaction, delivery employees will pick up the item and hand-deliver it to the recipient.

  1. App to Locate Nearby Parties and Events

A party and event-finding mobile app that compiles all the events from many web app developments, like Facebook,, Couchsurfing, etc., into a single location.

It would provide thorough details regarding the prerequisites, entrance information, timing, and location.

  1. Wine & Dine Social App

A social networking smartphone app that links you to folks in your area who are looking to catch a bite or a drink. Users might connect using the app depending on their interests, availability, and location. After a conversation has begun, users can initiate it directly through messaging.

  1. Tracking Expiration Date App

When was the last time you drank a swig of milk from a bottle that had been left open for days?

This concept offers a resolution to this issue. It is a tracking app that monitors the food in your kitchen’s expiration dates. Users won’t have to worry about whether the food or drink in their refrigerator is safe to eat or drink thanks to this app.

  1. Travel App

A travel aid app that will recommend to its users activities to partake in, restaurants to try, and local sites to visit depending on their interests at a certain region. Data would be obtained from travel sites like Tripadvisor and others where locals and tourists discuss their experiences.

  1. Reverse Travel App

A mobile travel app that allows users to declare their preferences and, depending on those, recommends destinations or foods they shouldn’t eat because of allergies, intolerances, particular dietary needs, etc.

Feel free to expand on this concept for a travel app by incorporating more pertinent features that might be useful to users.

  1. App for Digital Receipt

An application that stores all of your transactions’ receipts digitally. It will decrease the excessive use of paper and make keeping track of expenses and receipts simpler.

  1. App for Mall Navigation

A mall navigation app that shows a thorough map of the shopping center. Customer satisfaction will undoubtedly rise thanks to this fantastic app idea. It will not only make it simpler for users to locate the coveted shops, restrooms, or food courts, but it will also assist users in determining the quickest path to their desired location.


Whether you decide to design a native app or a cross-platform app, the quality of an app ultimately depends on how it is written. A cross-platform development strategy’s single codebase could seem like the logical decision, but if you need to implement any kind of complicated element, it could cause you problems.

Contrarily, native app development necessitates the programmer to repeatedly program and reprogram the same app, possibly in various languages, depending on the System you intend to launch it on. Having a developer who is conversant in the target language and at least somewhat knowledgeable in the preferred tech is essential for cross-platform app development. Regardless of your decision, it is possible to create a decent, useful, and effective app.

Most likely, this kind of technology will improve in the near future to the point where every program is created using cross-platform technology. In the meanwhile, we must choose our conflicts carefully and always put the end user first. If you are looking for web app development, and mern stack services, then get in touch with App Development Pros.

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