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The Never-Ending War in Video Game Development between 3D and 2D


February 1 , 2023 Posted by Admin

Players desire to have the most authentic and high-quality gaming experiences possible, and this need has grown as computer technology and the video game business have developed.

Even the utilization of 3D technology was impossible at the time. When 2D games initially came out, they seemed wonderful, but as the gaming industry matured, 2D game designers gave way to 3D game effects, which saw considerably faster growth. Today’s 3D technology is so advanced that certain video game scenes resemble those in movies in their naturalness.

That doesn’t imply that 2D games are ignored. Every sort of game has a specific playing base.

Both 2D And 3D Have Benefits and Drawbacks

2D and 3D animations

Because of how much the video game industry has expanded, 2D game designer, now regularly release games on a variety of platforms in addition to 2D and 3D games. Interactive video games, whether 2D or 3D, are a favorite way for players to pass time online.

The protagonists must travel from a beginning point to an ending position in order to complete the game’s objective. Character control is comparatively easy because video games are linear mediums, making them perfect for beginners or those who don’t play video games frequently.

The character’s movements and orders directly affect the game’s aim, therefore if they are straightforward, the objectives will be simple to accomplish. The simplicity with which 2D games are played makes them appropriate for novices and increases viewership. Additionally, 2D game development is simpler for 2D game developers than 3D. Due to its lower degree of complexity, 2D games require less time and money to develop, and subsequent upgrades are simpler.

In 3D games, characters can walk around freely because of the game’s 3D design. Controlling the character is more challenging than in 2D games since they can move in any direction. The game’s setting and visuals are more clearly defined, have more details, and have height and depth.

What Suits A Video Game Better? 2D Vs. 3D Design

video games

In contrast to 2D games, which operate entirely in pixel coordinates, 3D games have a real 3D scene and a moving camera through it. The game world is seen by the player as it is shown to them by the camera. By applying fake parallax and angling the sprites, 2D games frequently simulate depth. In 3D games, depth naturally arises from the math and is genuine.

Although both 2D and 3D video games have their fans, many players feel that 3D games are preferable to 2D due to a number of advantages. However, the advantages that 3D games provide do not in any way jeopardise the prospects of 2D games.

2D games have never been so popular since they were first introduced to the gaming industry. Both 2D and 3D video games may be played, and neither is better than the other. According to the Statista, 20 percent of respondents in a study of Japanese metaverse enthusiasts conducted in August 2022 expressed a strong interest in playing online games in a three-dimensional virtual environment while interacting with others

Reasons Why 2D in Video Games Is Beloved In the Retro Hobby

Video games made in two dimensions are popular among fans for a number of good reasons. For instance, because the controls are straightforward, they don’t worry about character control. 2D games are similar to “tap and play,” with simple game rules. Additionally, the user interface of the game is very straightforward, making it easy for players to learn how to play and for the user. 2D games are ideal for mobile devices since they are less sophisticated and have a smaller file size.

The Causes of 3D Video Game Enthusiasts

3D video games

Video games are emotionally resonant for gamers thanks to Three Dimension. Gamers are given the most realistic experience possible thanks to 3D game designer in the USA and their graphic improvements. The most devoted of them adore this sensation that is made possible by the characters’ depth and volume as well as the environment, which they cannot experience in 2D games.

The complexity of the graphics, the video game art, and the superior design have all contributed to the popularity of 3D games. In the viewpoint of the players, these elements are appealing. They appreciate the variety seen in 3D games, though, at the same time. 3D games are among the most popular among players due to the variety of missions they can complete. If you want to hire 3D game developers in the USA then contact Logo Magicians.

Tools for 2D/3D Game Development


A 2D game’s development is simpler, quicker, and less expensive, as was already mentioned. Even a novice game developer can make their own game using a variety of tools.

  • Using Gamemaker Studio 2

For 2D platformers, this program’s free trial version is ideal. Among other games, this platform was used to create Undertale. It is possible for a novice to get started thanks to an intuitive design and a wealth of lessons.

  • Construct 3

Construct is a program designed especially developing 2D video games. It operates on an HTML5 platform and doesn’t require any specific coding knowledge because everything is drag-and-drop.

  • Unity

This engine was first developed for the creation of 3D video games, but later 2D support was added. The finished games can be exported to just about any platform conceivable. Despite being one of the most popular engines for independent developers, it has a somewhat steep learning curve. Fortunately, it is so well-liked that there are a ton of tutorials available to assist newcomers. To work with Unity, C# knowledge is a need.

  • Godot

The only engine on the list that is entirely free and open-source is this one. It is more suited than Unity for 2D game production and ideal for both 3D and 2D game development. This engine also has its own language called GDScript and makes use of a drag-and-drop interface. Even for a beginner, learning it is not too challenging, but there is always a drawback. There isn’t enough beneficial documentation available in this case.

  • Genuine Engine 4

From our list, this engine is the most capable and cutting-edge. It is not suggested for novices because of this. Unreal, however, does not require coding expertise because it uses a distinctive Blueprints framework for game production. Less fortunately, the engine can be sluggish and prone to crashes.

What About Cost?

cost of 2D and 3D video games

Too many variables are at play to pinpoint the precise cost of game development. Everything depends on the engine, the degree of visual complexity, the usage of mechanics, the presence of a soundtrack, and a variety of other factors. It also depends on whether you develop the game yourself, hire an internal development team, or contract it to a distant team. The inspection of these apps is something that is equally crucial to their development. Without check and balance any game would fail in no time ad can drain all of your resources and success. So if you don’t want to go through all this, then get an auditing app to keep all doubts out of the game.

As an illustration, although Candy Crush games are believed to cost roughly $100,000, Flappy Bird only cost $300 to develop. GTA 5 cost a staggering $265 million, and Pokémon Go cost $650,000.

The variety, as you’ll see, is fairly large. However, overall, 2D game production is far less expensive than 3D. Because it was developed by an internal team, Candy Crush is on the more expensive end of the scale.

Your best option would be hire a 3D game designer in the USA, and acquire good quality at a lesser price if you don’t feel competent enough to try producing the game from scratch.


In general, creating 3D games is more difficult for game creators, and achieving good performance is more challenging. In 3D games, the pipelines are even more difficult to create and maintain. The creation of 3D games requires dealing with a variety of animation assets, as opposed to 2D games, where animations consist of merely a film strip of frames with potentially variable positions for each frame.

While on the other side, establishing a character’s movement in 3D games could be simpler than in 2D if the characters are more complicated. For each posture in a 2D game, the character must be totally redrawn by the game creator. Both 2D and 3D have their own niches in the field of creating online games. Even if some 3D games are true masterpieces that are nearly indistinguishable from movies, some of the most well-known games of all time have been created in 2D. The decision between 2D and 3D game creation depends entirely on your objectives. If you are looking for a wearable app developer for 3D games then get in touch with App Development Pros.


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