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Who Needs A One Page Application? What Does That Mean?


May 9 , 2023 Posted by Admin

You presumably regularly visit websites like Netflix, Pinterest, and Gmail. Are you aware that each of these is a single page application?

That’s accurate.

Maybe this is the first time you’ve heard of this phrase, and you’re wondering what it means.

We’ll go into more detail about single page app development, in this post, including their benefits and drawbacks, appropriate times to utilise them, and whether they are preferable to multi-page ones. According to Statista, by 2028, the market is projected to reach a value of US$234.70 billion, with revenue predicted to expand at an average yearly rate of 7.04%

A One Page Application Is What?

one page app development

When you use a one page application, the page does not reload while you are using it. Single page applications can also be websites.

As the name implies, everything loads on a single page as opposed to having several pages like the websites that we are all used with.

Consider Facebook; all of the app’s features and elements are presented on a single screen, which explains the appeal of infinite scrolling.

Imagine how it would appear if it had multiple pages, each with a separate menu and category that led to a different page.

Doesn’t it kind of lose its appeal now?

However, there are instances in which an SPA isn’t the ideal choice and vice versa.

Let’s look at when using a one page app makes sense and when you shouldn’t.

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SPA Advantages

SPA Advantages

We’ll briefly go through the many benefits that single page applications have.

  • Speed

The main benefit of adopting a single-page application is thought to be speed. A single page app needs resources like HTML, CSS, and different scripts, all of which are already loaded when you start the program. This indicates that while you are using the program, it does not need to reload. The data sent from and to the server is the only element that changes. The program is incredibly responsive as a result, and client-server communication is expedited.

  • Simpler and More Flexible Development

As there is no need to build code to render the pages on a server, development is easier and more streamlined. If you have a team of developers, it’s even better because the backend developers can concentrate on the API and the frontend can handle the UI.

  • Making Mobile Apps Has Gotten Simpler

As the backend code can be reused, developing mobile apps becomes simpler. The developer uses the same server-side code and API, saving time by not having to build different code for mobile and desktop applications.

  • Testing is Simpler

Moreover, debugging is simpler. The primary technologies used by SPAs, React & Angular Batarang, have dedicated tools in the Chrome browser, which makes the process quicker and simpler. You can also keep an eye on network applications and research page components.

  • Caching Works Well

As the app simply sends one request, retains all transmitted data, and can use this data later, caching is effective.

Let’s look at the cons of using single-page applications since nothing in life is flawless.

SPA Drawbacks

  • SEO Is Difficult


Because the content is loaded via AJAX, SEO is difficult (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML). By using this technique, the application can be updated without needing to reload the page.

  • JavaScript Must Be Used

For single page applications to function, JavaScript is required. SPAs won’t appear at all if your browser’s JavaScript is disabled.

  • Higher Security Threats

Compared to “conventional” apps, security risks are greater. The reason for this is that SPAs make use of XSS (Cross-Site Scripting), which allows attackers to insert malicious client-side scripts into applications.

  • Memory Leaks Are Possible

Memory leaks are possible. The software can consume all of the memory on the user’s computer for hours at a time.

Framework for Single-Page Applications


Let’s talk about the well-known frameworks used to create single page applications after outlining the benefits and drawbacks of using them.

  1. EmberJS

Applications built with EmberJS are all single-page program. This framework provides simple templates, but it also has certain premium features, such as:

  1. URL Tagging
  2. Simple web app deployment and testing
  3. Integrations with well-known database systems are possible because to the inbuilt data layer.
  4. Add-ons for Ember that incorporate new features
  5. User-friendly UI architecture


  1. ReactJS

ReactJS is basically a JavaScript library of UI components, created and maintained by Meta, despite the fact that it includes a ton of functionality (formerly Facebook). ReactJS is designed to be a lightweight option for creating single page apps thanks to its component-based architecture. React is regarded as one of the top frameworks for developing SPAs because of its characteristics, which include:

  1. High speed
  2. Highly scalable
  3. Adaptable virtual DOMs SoC (Separation of Concerns)
  4. Encourage reuse


  1. AngularJS

One of the first open source JavaScript frameworks, Angular is created by Google. It serves a variety of functions and is one of the front-end developers’ top choices for frameworks. Here are some of its key characteristics:

  1. Testing and debugging of caching
  2. No reliance on code
  3. Requirement injection
  4. Binding of two-way data


  1. BackBoneJS


Another extremely slim JavaScript library is BackBone. Client-based web application development is its preferred application. BackBone is incredibly user-friendly and flexible. Additional characteristics are:

  1. A lot of JQuery support
  2. Automatic updates to HTML tags
  3. Simple coding designs
  4. Very adaptable
  5. A simple learning curve


  1. VueJS

A progressive, open-source JavaScript framework called Vue is mostly employed for creating online applications and user interfaces that perform well. Due to some of its key characteristics, Vue is a popular pick for game development and is a strong option for single page applications:

  1. Ecosystem that is quite simple
  2. Simple to use
  3. Binding of two-way data
  4. Recycled materials
  5. Simple integration with apps from outside sources


Examples of Common One Page Applications

From a non-technical perspective, imagining how one page applications can actually operate is perhaps the most crucial step?

You could be thinking the following at this point in the blog:

We’ll examine some well-known single page app development, in order to give you a better grasp of SPA.

  • Facebook. The dominant social media platform is an excellent illustration of a single page app. Every piece of material is already loaded onto the page when you scroll through the news feed, eliminating the need to navigate away from it.
  • Gmail. Gmail always stays on the same web page, whether you’re writing a message, looking through folders, or clicking on a message in your inbox.
  • Netflix. Users may easily access the streaming service thanks to the React framework. SPA makes it simple to watch movies on your TV screen without experiencing much slowness, especially when you consider how many users the site has and how much data is being handled.
  • Trello. The well-known project management tool makes extensive use of the single page application approach. A highly interactive interface with only one view that eliminates the need to navigate between pages and simplifies job organization.

A Multi Page Application: What Is It?

Applications with several pages are the reverse of those with only one page. The former has more pages than the latter, which is the primary distinction. MPAs are a traditional method of web development. Every time data changes, these pages are refreshed. News websites, blogs, and forums are a few examples of MPA.

MPA Advantages

  • SEO Is Simpler

As each page can be individually optimized, appropriate SEO administration is possible, making SEO simpler. By doing so, you can effectively perform SEO by optimizing for one term each page.

  • Improved Navigation

Multi-page applications use the traditional website method with menus and categories, thus there is better navigation. It’s considerably simpler to navigate a website using this style of navigation because the majority of users are quite accustomed to it.

  • Ready-Made Solutions

Predetermined solutions. If you’re not familiar with JavaScript and development, making a one page application is very challenging. A content management system like WordPress, on the other hand, is useful for regular users because it makes the process of creating a website much easier, allowing even a non-technical individual to try it out.

MPA Drawbacks

  • Performance Problems Could Occur

Performance problems could arise because a lot of requests require a lot of pages to reload. Some elements that unavoidably contribute to issues with website performance and speed include high website traffic and the number of functions the website offers. Single page app development, are quicker for user activities even though MPAs have a quicker initial load time.

  • Integration of the Front End and Back End Is Laborious


Due to the laborious nature of front-end and back-end integration and the depth of connection between these components, testing and developing multi-page applications may take longer.

  • The Scariest Topics Include Security, Upkeep, And Updates

Due to the volume of pages, security, maintenance, and updates pose a greater challenge to tech support. When there are multiple pages to debug, it takes longer to identify which page is the problem.


You are now aware of what a one page application is and its uses. Also, you are familiar with SPA frameworks and the primary distinctions between single-page and multi-page apps.

In truth, you can benefit from the knowledge you learned from this article. Many people probably wouldn’t anticipate you to be very knowledgeable about JavaScript, single page applications, multi-page applications, and the advantages they offer.

Tell them Netflix is a single-page application and how this enhances user experience.

But more importantly, put the knowledge you’ve gained to use in your company. That’s what really matters. Furthermore, if you are looking for single page app development, mobile app development, or native game development services┬áthen get in touch with App Development Pros.


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