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5 Best Apps to Work Online During Coronavirus


June 11 , 2020 Posted by Admin

The COVID-19 pandemic has made the whole world suffer, destroying industry-wide operations. Industries and enterprises have been shut down for the last three months. Employees are being fired from their jobs due to the economic downfall of each industry. From the government to the education sector, everyone is being quarantined in their homes, and they are forced to continue working from home. Remote work has become an essential need for every company as, in the current situation, safety can’t be compromised. Organizations use advanced tools to manage, monitor, and track the work. The security of these tools is essential as crucial information about the company processes is discussed and communicated using these tools.

Several apps allow you to work online from home and get paid. Go through the five best apps to work online during the coronavirus pandemic.

1. Slack


Slack is the most common team communication app that companies have been using for a long time now. Due to the complete shift over working from home, this app provides great services to small to huge enterprises. Slack contains a super-easy chat system, so you can organize your work by project and also invite your team members. Using Slack eliminates the need for sending emails individually so that you can collaborate with your teammates more quickly. It has a user-friendly interface allows you to stay updated with team activities and notify them whenever you need to. You can easily message or call your group member or the entire team, edit, and share documents with them. Slack enables screen sharing and set availability statuses to focus on each task individually.

2. Zoom


Zoom is among the popular apps that have opened doors to online jobs for students. As school and college-going students are bound to stay at home, they need to invest their time in productive things. Zoom is one of the best online audio and video conferencing apps that lets people arrange meetings, webinars, classes, and training. This app allows students to give online training to juniors, have a remote interview, teach paid courses, etc. Teachers can also use the app to give online classes to students so that their quarantine time isn’t wasted. Zoom also allows businesses to conduct online meetings anytime anywhere whether it’s few people or a bunch of different teams. Zoom provides a smooth environment for face-to-face meetings with various amazing features.

3. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop allows secure computer access for mobile phones, tablets,s or other desktops. This enables easy system access so the work isn’t disturbed when switched over to home. It eliminates privacy risks by giving complete security on system access. You just need to type in the URL for access into the web browser of your desktop or download the mobile app for Android or iOS. There is an extension available for Chrome that gives instant access to the computer from a portable device. You can access your office desktop anywhere and at any time, allowing you to get all the files saved internally within the system. The feature of Remote Support can be used to share your screen with other team members to better professional app development.

4. Asana


Asana is a powerful project management tool that allows working on a single project. Multiple people can work together using this outstanding app that creates and assigns projects. All the followers will be notified as soon as new updates are posted related to the project. Sub-tasks can also be created, due dates can be set, and attachments can be added within the Asana app. It is quite beneficial for large teams but can also be useful for individual workflows. Team members can manage their assigned tasks using the feature of list-based boards. Asana allows users to track their progress on each task within Kanban-based boards. It offers list-based functions as a simple to-do list, and Kanban signifies progress status.

5. Toggl


While performing work-from-home jobs, it is common that even they lose track of time. The Toggl app will help you stay on track by identifying the hours you spent working. It manages your workflow, and the tracking feature lets you know how much time you are giving to remote work. By looking at your track report, you can break your hours according to projects, tasks, and clients. You can use it in a browser to track your time or use your phone that also performs data syncing. Some of the features of Toggl app include integrated calendars, analytical time management reports, tracking activity, and suggestions to keep you aligned on the track. It helps in online businesses for students to identify whether they’re being paid accurately based on their spent hours.


Successful online businesses know the need for different advanced tools that keep their work aligned. Thus, management, monitoring, communication, and collaboration tools are being used by different organizations. This article has mentioned the best project management, team communication, and video conferencing apps. These mobile apps make the work from work easy for employees and companies so that their business operations don’t get affected during the pandemic.

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