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Differences Between the MERN Stack and the Full Stack


March 27 , 2023 Posted by Admin

As web development is growing over time, progressive frameworks have come into existence. The MERN Stack and Full-Stack are the two most widely used.

The ideal choice will depend on the developer’s knowledge and clarity regarding the required technology stack.

In this MERN stack vs. Full-stack blog, App Development Pros, the top web app development and MERN Stack development companywill explain their differences and why to choose them.

What Does Stack Mean?

A stack is a logical arrangement of similar items that follows the LIFO principle (first in, first out). It’s a popular abstract data type with two basic operations: pushing and popping. Both push and pop actions are performed on the most recently added piece to the Stack (the top element). The pop operation takes the item at the top of the Stack and push adds it to the Stack. The stack concept is used for both computer memory management and programming.

The Stack is a combination of many programming languages and the appropriate technology. Stacks are typically classified as technology and application stacks, with the former being merely a generic term in software development.

In light of the growing popularity of agile development, this article stresses the need to acquire the right technology stack.

What is Full Stack and the Reason Your Business Should Have a Full Stack?

Full-stack technology refers to developing an application or website using a wide variety of resources and programming languages to perform on both the back and front end. Full Stack engineers can fix all aspects of an application like APIs, servers, databases, back-end Development Languages, Front End Technology, and Version Controlling Systems.

Here, the developer can choose from various back-end technologies and implement whatever UI/UX they’ve dreamed up. From scratch, the team creates an entirely functional website or app. Four essential pieces of software comprise the entire Stack: the front end, the back end, the testing phase, and the mobile application.

What Is MERN Stack and the Reason Your Business Should Have a MERN Stack?

what is MERN stack

During development, MERN, a popular JavaScript stack, is used. For creating cutting-edge web applications, go no further than the MERN Stack, which integrates the latest available tools. These programs are built with various frameworks, databases, libraries, and other resources.

It incorporates various open-source pieces, including MongoDB, React, Node.js, and Express.js.

Together, these components offer complete framework support for programmers.

There has been a rapid rise in the use of the MERN Stack recently because it is powerful and valuable. The Stack consists of the following technologies:

  1. An open-source DBMS, MongoDB stores documents.
  2. React is a JavaScript front-end library for user interfaces creation.
  3. js: It is a simple and quick web framework for Node.js.

MERN Stack vs Full Stack: A Complete Contrast


When comparing the characteristics of MERN with Full Stack, the following are some of the biggest differences:

Efficiency: Full Stack development is more efficient than MERN Stack development.

Libraries: A full stack will have libraries like jQuery and LESS, but a MERN stack will need additional libraries for third-party support.

Architecture: A full stack demands a three-tiered web architecture, whereas a MERN stack calls for a smooth user interface rendering architecture. MERN is the way to go if you’re looking for a flexible framework that can quickly build an app with a polished UI. It generates a display frame to ensure the user’s input is properly framed on the screen.

Scalability: MERN stack offers better scalability than a full stack. There’s also the fact that the full Stack is for large scale apps. The MERN stack can design and deploy new applications from scratch, making it a valuable tool for developers working on specialized projects.

React offers an excellent user experience and makes it easy to deal with unexpected changes in data. Mobile apps or Single-page applications are good examples of the types of smaller projects that MERN is best suited to.

Full Stack Development style: In a Full Stack development environment, full-stack developers are experts in all areas of their chosen field of software development. In the IT industry, many professions exist, such as web design, PC software development, mobile or web app development, etc.

MERN Stack Development style: MERN Stack can only be used for web development. Developers proficient in the MERN stack thoroughly understand JavaScript and back-end development frameworks such as Express, MongoDB, NodeJS, and React.

The Advantages of a Full Stack

advantages of full stack

The project needs and the expertise for hiring a full-stack developer will determine whether or not full-stack JavaScript development will be used for the application.  The following is a list of some of the most significant causes to hire full-stack developers.

Degree of Autonomy: A full-stack developer can handle front-end and back-end development without needing assistance from other developers.

Cost Effective: A full-stack developer saves money because they don’t have to outsource any part of the web development process. Therefore, there is a strong current demand for them.

Team Management: Being an expert in web technologies, a Full Stack developer can easily communicate with and update other team members. So, a full-stack developer can play a pivotal role as a team leader.

Innovative Adaptability: A full-stack developer may switch between different programming languages and frameworks when the situation demands it. As A/B testing is more helpful than planning at this stage of a large project, it is essential. Professionals need greater “creative flexibility” or scope in shaping their final products on this path. Full-stack developers can provide better recommendations because they have experience with both sides of the process.

Faster Project Deployment: A full-stack web application develops more quickly than other development techniques because of the involvement of the fewer engineers to move and complete the project within the time limit.

Yet, there are limitations to full-stack development that should be addressed.

  1. It’s great to know a lot, but it can be a disadvantage if a potential employer is looking for certain specific kinds of experience. Full-stack developers cannot be the ideal choice when only front- or back-end work is required due to their higher salaries.
  2. It can be tough to handle every aspect of web creation. The only IT professionals can enjoy both a hectic life and web development simultaneously who have an unwavering passion for it.
  3. It can be difficult for a web developer to stay current with changes in numerous technologies, stacks, projects, etc. They are already dealing with a lot.

Multiple Advantages of the MERN Stack

advantages of mern stack

These are a few advantages of the MERN stack:

Web Development Cycle: Front-end and back-end web development are both well covered. With the MERN stack, developers can access a comprehensive stack. To put it another way, they get the tools and resources they need to build fully scalable apps, such as the most recent front-end development tools and technologies. The Model View Controller is supported by MERN to enable an efficient development environment.

Adaptable and Scalable: The ability to scale the solution when required that developer’s value when utilizing the MERN stack. Also, it provides adaptability in delivering solutions while maintaining consistency among data centers.

Dynamic Schema: Technology in the MERN stack provide an active schema that can be adjusted to suit a variety of use cases and data models. Such features give powerful command-line and graphical user interface tools. Developers have found that using the MERN stack makes creating applications faster, more reliable, and more streamlined.

There are drawbacks to MERN stack development, such as:

  1. Developers’ output is diminished because of React’s reliance on several external libraries, which makes it difficult to dismiss the conclusion that React is merely a library. Due to the change, further work is also needed in the React code.
  2. It is challenging to create a large project with multiple individuals working together using MERN. The MERN stack is mostly appropriate for single-page applications.
  3. If you need a technology stack that provides built-in protection against common types of code errors, the MEAN stack is the way to go. Angular uses Typescript, which helps to prevent common programming errors. Yet Respond falls short in this aspect.


Hence, while contrasting the Full Stack with the MERN Stack, it’s important to remember that each Stack is best suited to a different type of work. You must understand the differences between the MERN stack and the complete Stack to choose the best and most appropriate Stack for creating mobile and web applications. You also need to pay attention to several other factors, such as the project’s requirements, features, and functions.

Also, because so many different technology stacks are accessible, investing in a single project can be challenging. Your choice of technological Stack will be determined by the needs of the entire project, which you will carefully evaluate while comparing the Java full stack and MERN stack.

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