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Leadership Team

Our Leadership team bring with them a wealth of experience from some of the world’s leading industries. The team is tasked with helping innovate, develop and pioneer ideas that change the world.

Meet Our Key Executives

An exceptional team of veterans in the fields of wealth management, technology experts and knowledgeable advisors with proven experience dealing with all kinds of scenarios.

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Edie Toe


CEO & Co Founder

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Lester John


App Developer

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Oliver Notus


Lead Developer

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Kevin Reid

App Artist

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James Adam


Innovative Lead

Team Member6

Kevin Lowten

Lead Artist

We are the early adopters in this ever changing landscape of disruptive technologies

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The thing I love best about this company is that it is made of up people who take time to know you personally – irrespective of the difference in designation. And most importantly, they remember the little details.

Nick Marshal

Team Lead – App Development

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The company has a very understanding and inclusive environment, with everyone being mindful of their co-worker’s issues. People joke that their work is a like a second home, but I feel that for me it does feel like home.

Sarah Hillard


Team Lead – App Development

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