6 Advanced Mobile App Development Services Trend in 2022

6 Advanced Mobile App Development Services Trend in 2022


May 30 , 2022 Posted by Admin

Mobile app development services are nothing new to the rapidly advancing world, but it is something to ponder how they evolve with advanced technologies. Seeing the current statistics, we can easily predict that the world will change. It wouldn’t be incorrect to say we have come a long way from the traditional mobile phone apps that needed different codes to work on other platforms. The new solutions focus more on one code and multiple platforms. Sounds interesting, right? Above that automating the work process and enhancing user satisfaction is another advantage that helps raise the market value of mobile applications.

What will the mobile app development look like in the next five years? This is a question often asked by ordinary people when thinking about the future of the apps. To know about it, we need to dive into the new advancements that will trend in 2022 and only be able to predict the future. The current situation is focusing more on Metaverse and blockchain. The integration of these two is about to revolutionize the app industry. Moreover, augmented reality focuses on mobile app development services for multiple operating systems like Android and iOS. Above that, innovations are being made from Flutter and SDK. 

Let’s look at the general mobile market that will impact app development by integrating modern technologies.

6 Mobile App Development Services Trends

  • Ultra-wideband (UWB) API


2021 was all about innovation, with Google adding the ultra-wideband (UWB) API in Android. But 2022 will boost those innovations by integrating them into major business work processes. The UWB API is an addition to the wireless technology for the future, enabling faster peer-to-peer data share and indoor positioning of smart home devices. Moreover, it will help control and organize the smart home ecosystems. Unlike smartphones that rely on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features, UWB will offer a completely different experience. Right now, only the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and SmartThings app supports the UWB hardware, but in 2022 majority of the app developers are going to integrate it into their mobile phones. Additionally, Google will likely add more APIs to support the Ultra-wideband to leverage third-party apps.

  • Blockchain


Blockchain is an emerging trend that will grow dramatically in 2022. It will hit the stock markets and enable consumers to transact easily. According to recent research, the blockchain value will be around $ 20 billion by 2024, making every industry focus on its development. Talking about mobile app development, many companies have already started integrating it into their business models to create a competitive edge. Blockchain combined with Cryptocurrency offers a promising future for organizations globally by benefiting mobile app development services companies with high data security, reliability, transparency, accessibility and scalability. The open-source technology enables developers to make changes, improving the blockchain functions accordingly. Further, it will address in-app purchase issues while the developers can enjoy incentives by increasing user engagement with blockchain.

  • The Metaverse


2022 is all about the Metaverse, and the app developers are analyzing its importance to either implement it or ignore it completely. However, with Facebook changing its name to Meta, it became evident that Metaverse is the future, signaling mobile app developers to shift their priorities to it. Before moving forward, the app developers should know what a metaverse is how crucial it is to business development. Metaverse is a virtual reality space leveraging consumers to engage with the computer-generated environment and other people. Users can experience a variety of 3D environments, enhancing their experiences.

Many game developers have moved towards building metaverse games to attract gamers. The mobile is the central platform for the Metaverse and search figures in 2021 predicted Metaverse mobile game development services to boom over 3.1 billion pounds in 2022. Hence, having a lot of opportunities for mobile game developers.

  • AR Glasses


Recent reports show the likelihood of Apple’s AR glasses soon hitting the market, redefining wearable app development and personal computing services. Though smart glasses failed in the past, the potential idea of Apple’s AR glasses could be the ultimate game-changer. Moreover, the glasses will overtake smartphone servicing as the main computing and communication device for the next few years. The company is making further innovations and adding features before launching it; hence, we might hear that smart glasses are revolutionizing the mobile industry.

  • Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (KMM)

The KMM technology emphasizes and allows developers to write once and run on multiple platforms with the same code. It is functional on iOS and Android. The unifying technology has made code sharing easier while ensuring platform-specific codes are written to work on various platforms. Above that, the futuristic technology fulfills mobile targets like Android apps and libraries or Android NDK on ARM64 platforms, etc.

  • Chatbots


Artificial intelligence has evolved, and developers are experimenting with different technologies. One of the most attractive AI elements is chatbots. Though chatbots are still being used by businesses, Android chatbots are about to enhance mobile app development services in 2022. These chatbots will be more intelligent and advanced for users and developers. 58% of the businesses have integrated chatbots and belong to the B2B field. Still, with the emergence of more intelligent chatbots, other areas will start implementing them to make their work process smooth. Chatbots have improved the ecommerce industry by saving time and providing on-the-spot solutions. Lastly, they will allow developers to build creative chatbots to mitigate user issues.

The future of mobile app development is promising, with new technological trends entering the market to facilitate users and mobile app developers in optimizing their experiences. The forward-thinking approach will resolve significant emerging issues related to security, transparency, uniqueness, and experiences. Moreover, the mobile game development services will be enhanced with the integration of new technologies that will provide an immersive experience to users stimulating their environment. Whether it is machine learning, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, augmented reality, or Metaverse, technology will increase mobile app development growth with major work they handle in the next five years.


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