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Introducing MERN Stack?


February 26 , 2021 Posted by Admin

MERN stack hasn’t been around for that long, but the use we have had for it has been around for ages. Savvy developers have been using a variation of this method for a while now. The React apps, for example, have been capitalizing on this concept more and more.

What is MERN Stack?

Google defines the MERN stack as the amalgamation of MongoDB, Express, React, and NodeJS. This is a JavaScript stack that is meant to make the development process smoother. These four open-source components give an end-to-end framework to make the developers’ job easier. This uses multiple programming languages to code for a website or mobile app. This could be front-end or back-end. This means that this could be client-side or server-side.

What’s in the MERN Stack?

The languages used in the MERN stack may be utilized as a consolidation or as individual options depending on the needs of the MERN Stack Developers. These languages are:



MongoDB is a language used for database management. Unlike SQL, it is utilized in MEAN because the data handling is in the format of JSON. 

MongoDB is also handy since JavaScript can easily be converted into MongoDB and vice versa. This allows efficiency and ease in data manipulation.



Node.js is particularly useful in the development process as it is heavily connected to JavaScript and can easily and smoothly interact with it, so much so that a developer writing Node.js will not have much trouble picking up JavaScript.

Furthermore, Node.js is one of the fastest languages in computer programming and a favorite amongst developers to code in. Node.js also happens to be an asynchronous language, which means that it runs on pulses used in irregular intervals when an operation is completed instead of fixed periods. One example of a company using MERN stack development services is Facebook, which runs on Node.js.



Express is used for data modeling to identify and classify data. It allows the developers to make a complex web application. Express can overlook vastly intricate web applications using the middleware system.

The REST API is created on Express. Websites that retrieve data through HTTP requests correspond with REST API. These communications are done with the React.js language.



Made by Facebook, Reactjs is a JavaScript library used for the front end of websites. It is known to increase the loading speeds of many websites in use. Uploads are fast on it, and gifs, animations, and other executables are generally faster. 

React.js is the obvious choice when making software, developing a web app, and even a mobile app. It is overall the best option. Netflix already uses it. Any MERN stack development company would market its use as the present’s most multifunctional language to code on.

Why Is MERN So Popular?

The MERN stack has become increasingly popular recently and plated its feet even deeper in the web development arena. Since the MERN stack is a JS-based stack, it allows the web development process to flow smoother and makes completing individual tasks easier for the developers. As well as make the overall approach to an entire project simpler to understand and execute.

The stack is mainly used in the development of top-end web applications, which are also known as front-end web applications. The front end denotes the user interface, and the back end denotes the server, app, and database working unnoticed in the back to send the user relevant information. These are also known as client-side and server-side. The client side is the user or customer, and the server side is the developer or the appropriate server.

Logging Off

Before ending this, remember that the development is far too complicated to understand in one go. The moving parts involved and the sheer gravity of a lot of the tasks being conceived, planned, and executed are truly mind-boggling. MERN stack happens to be one of those. This technological concept pays dividends when it comes to programming and development. 

If you are a programmer or thinking about getting into programming, ask yourself –

What technical skills are your strong suit?

Which languages are you most proficient in and can make a career in?

What do you need to strengthen your technical discipline?

Did you find it helpful to review how you should manage your development teams’ skills and technical prowess?

All valid questions to reevaluate the plan for your career or your company. If you see a technical gap in your knowledge or expertise, you should get started now. The future is moving faster, and it’s only getting faster.

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