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Beginners Guide: iOS App Development On Windows


March 18 , 2020 Posted by Admin

Apple iPhones are largely used by many audiences worldwide due to their continuous high-quality and extensive features. IOS devices have always been appreciated by their users as it offers functionalities that are loved by all and win the heart of people with their continuous updates. IOS apps are in massive demand these days as the use of Apple devices is becoming common among people from different areas across the globe. If you are a beginner in iOS app development and don’t have a Mac computer, the development process can be challenging.

But you don’t need to worry about it anymore as this article contains all the possible steps explaining how you can develop an iOS app on your PC with Windows installed in it.

Install Virtual PC Application with Mac OS X

Install Virtual PC Application Mac OS X
Install Virtual PC Application with Mac OS X

To develop the iOS app, you’ll need a PC with good processing power and a dual-core Intel processor with RAM of at least 4GB. Hackintosh can also be used, which allows you to run OS X on a computer that doesn’t support it. There is another option available, which is to install Mac OS X. In iOS app development on Windows, virtualization software can be used easily, such as VirtualBox, which is open source and free to use. You will definitely need a Mac OS X copy that can be bought from the Apple Store or the owner of the Mac computer. You can even avail of remote rental service for Mac through which you can access Apple hardware using the Internet.

Install XCode On Hackintosh or OS X VM

Install XCode On Hackintosh OS X VM
Install XCode On Hackintosh or OS X VM

You can pick the option of developing an iOS app using an OS X virtual machine or Hackintosh. For both, the first step will be to install XCode on your Windows PC. This integrated mobile app development services environment was launched by Apple, containing all the necessary features required to build an iOS app. The Swift ide for Windows is the most popular platform to develop iOS apps on Windows and is used by many IOS on Windows. Almost all the iOS apps, approximately 99.99%, are built using the XCode online simulator. After installing OS X, you must install XCode for Windows 10. You can start writing your code. You can utilize the IOS simulator to test the IOS apps on a real Mac.

Consider Cross-Platform Development Tools

Consider Cross-Platform Development Tools
Cross-Platform Development Tools

There are various options available if you want to build an awesome IOS app, whether using an OS X virtual machine with the help of Hackintosh or utilizing cross-platform development tools. In the world of cross-platform development, Xamarin and Smartface are the names that appear on the top of professional iOS app development lists. These development tools use a common code base that helps you to create IOS apps on Windows. It may require some time to get used to these platforms, but you can build an IOS app with a quick learning process. If you select these tools for IOS app development, you will need MacinCloud or Mac to submit the IOS app to the app store.

Create Provisioning Profiles & Certificates

Create Provisioning Profiles & Certificates
Provisioning Profiles & Certificates

After the installation of Mac OS X and then Xcode on Windows without virtualization, you will need to sign up for your account as an Apple developer and create files of basic type to test the runs so that it becomes easy for you. Before the testing of your app or Xcode for Windows download, you need to sign off your code so that the app can be run on real devices. For every build of the IOS app on Windows, the developers need first to sign their code. To sign a project for the development of the IOS app, a special type of certificate is required. The certificate and provisioning profile includes development for testing and production, which is for submitting the app to the store.

Submit the IOS App to the App Store

Submit IOS App to the App Store
IOS App to the App Store

As you complete the development of your IOS app on a Windows PC, the final step is the submission of your iOS to the app store. For Hackintosh and OS X virtual machines, the submission process will take 2 minutes. Still, it becomes complex if you don’t have OS X. You will need an Application Uploader if you want your iOS app to be uploaded from Windows PC to iTunes Connect. Unfortunately, this program is only available on Mac devices, which can be solved if you rent a Mac device or use a service for it, such as MacinCloud. If there is still an issue in uploading your iOS app, you can get help from someone through Bluecloud Select.


IOS phones are popular due to their fabulous features and functionalities that save much time and effort for their users. Increasing demand for IOS apps has enabled developers to switch to the IOS platform. If you’re an IOS developer or a beginner who just wants to start his career in IOS or iPad app development services, the first question is what platform to use to develop iOS apps. The development may become difficult for you if you don’t have a Mac computer and want to build an app on your Windows PC. Yet it is always possible to create a fully functional iOS app using a Windows PC, and you just need to follow the installation steps, after which you can start developing your own iOS app.

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