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App development: – OS aims for, its types and new drifts in it


May 24 , 2024 Posted by Admin

App development is a standard core part of all enterprises.

But most people aren’t aware of how many OSs it caters to, as most people assume it caters to only iOS and Android, but there are more.

Another thing is that app development has certain types (cross-platform, hybrid, native, progressed), and most businesses are not familiar with them.

Third, as time passes, certain technologies, such as IoT, blockchain, ML, and AR/VR, are emerging that are influencing app development setups.

Here in this blog, we will talk about all these things.

Also, mobile app development services are taking a reputable position in this regard as firms prefer to focus more on their core needs. Therefore, outsourcing is cost-effective and is done before the deadline option for them.

Let’s start!


App development based on the operating system

Whenever the word app development comes to mind for a business or for any human, it is for sure either iOS or Android.

Well, let us tell you that many more operating systems exist, and some of the main ones are:

  • Tizen OS from Linux foundation for tablets, smartphones, and In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) devices with a core focus on wearables and smart TVs.


  • Windows OS,


  • LineageOS is a free, open-source OS for smartphones, set-top boxes, and tablet computers.


  • KaiOS is for feature phones, and a Smart Feature OS, KaiOS custom version, and HMD Global uses it for their KaiOS line of Nokia feature phones.


  • XOS for Android-based OS from Infinix.


  • TCL UI from TCL tech is a custom UI from their in-house smartphone series.


  • Realme UI is from a Chinese electronic manufacturer called “Realme” and is based on OPPOcolorOS.


  • Pixel UI, an open-source Android system


  • BharOS, an OS in India.


Other are BlackBerry Secure, CalyxOS, ColorOS, CopperheadOS, DivestOS, Fire OS, Flyme OS, FuntouchOS, GrapheneOS, HiOS, HTC Sense, iQOO UI, MagicOS, MagicOS, MyOS (formerly called MiFavor, nubia UI, One UI, OxygenOS, Origin OS, Red Magic OS, VOS by BQ Aquaris and Vsmart, XOS (formerly known as XUI), and ZUI by Lenovo.

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Types of App Development

Five types of web development businesses use any one of them in the development project. Let’s discuss each of them:


Web app development


A program is stored on a remote server and displayed in the digital world via a browser interface. Here, the exchange of service is performed virtually between the clients and the business. Programming languages are Python, JavaScript, Java, C, Kotlin, Ruby, and TypeScript. Gmail, Yahoo, and AOL are examples.


Cloud app development


An app is built is 100% cloud-based. Here, DevOps practices and tools such as Kubernetes are applied. Java, Python, Go, PHP, Ruby, Kotlin, Swift, ReactJS, Dart, NET, Rust, Apache Cordova, Scala, Xamarin, C, JavaScript and ExpressJS are the programming languages used Ion it. Microsoft Office 365 Word is an example.


Cross-platform app development

An app that is built to be scalable on all platforms. Only a single is applied by the developers, and rest assured that it is helpful in all OS and devices. Only minor changes are needed to work on other devices. Flutter, React Native, Xamarin, Cordova, Qt, Unity,

NativeScript is a programming language used on it. Skype, Instagram, Walmart, My BMW App, Airbnb, and Fox Sports are only some examples

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Native app development


This is the opposite of cross-platform, where developers need to work on and perform different coding to build it for each OS and device separately. It means that developers need to work on coding, designing, and testing for every OS and device separately. Programming languages used in this area are Kotlin, Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Rust, Dart, and Go.



Such apps developed via web-platform ticks such as AngularJS, PWA Builder, React, Ionic, LightHouse, Polymer, Vue, Svelte, and Knockout. This app gives UX similar to the platform-specific app. It can operate on diverse platforms and devices with a single coding. Uber, Spotify, Tinder, Trivagi are some of the examples.


Hybrid App development

It is a web app with advanced features. It has a container. Don’t get confused with this word. It is a word that serves as a wrapper around the web view that displays the web content of the hybrid app. It means developers can use some features of native apps and device hardware (such as calendar, camera, pinch/spread features, etc.) that a web app cannot have. Hybrid applies the same front-end development languages and tools as native apps, such as JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS, which act as cross-platform functionality.


New drifts in app development

New trends are merging and are equally impacting the world of app development. Some of these are:


Blockchain app development

Blockchain is the most influential tech in app development. A decentralized app has a robust payment structure and stores all information in the digital ledger in chain form as an immutable database.

DLT tech secures transactions and tracks assets.

Some of the most famous app development platforms are Corda, Ethereum, and Hy[erledget.


AI app development


Integration of AI in app development makes the app as powerful as an unbroken stone. All it word ML algorithms for recommendation, NLP, and other progressed aspects. It is most applicable in Fintech, Healthcare, and fitness.

Businesses are infusing AI via ML and NLP to provide better auto-client service via chatbots, recommend investments for investors by analyzing their existing portfolios’ value and fund limitations, and better serve patients in healthcare care. Moreover, businesses use AI in their app development projects to automate tedious tasks in their daily operations and divert their team to core processes.


AR app development

This emphasizes the type of 3D model design and the execution of the algorithms. Developers and designers with new tech can overlay scenes in the cameras of the device lens via digital content.

Such app development benefits retail, healthcare, training and education, real estate and interior design, manufacturing, SM and logistics, tourism and culture and marketing, entertainment, and automotive.

There are certain types of AR, such as market-based AR—image recognition or image markers; Location-Based AR—GPS, compasses, accelerators, and other location detectors; projection AR—go for complex algorithms and gather data from diverse sensors to classify objects; and Superimposition—based AR—take a real picture of what’s around, figure out what it is, and then put something on top of it using augmented reality.

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IoT app development


Here comes the last discussion, which is the IoT app development or IoT or Internet of Things—an ecosystem where home devices are linked with digital systems in the app or software form.

Businesses are now moving their operations into IoT-based operations, especially SC, retail, healthcare, and agriculture. These industries need constant inspection and auditing regarding any failure in moving goods from one place to another via machines and the use of tech required in the in-depth maintenance and workflow management of the products.

IoT app development is an M2M interaction where machines and humans work together along with digital apps or software between them.

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These OSs that you aren’t familiar with are important information you should be aware of. In addition, we have gone through the six important types that businesses use in their app development process.

Lastly, we covered the new trends that can more significantly influence the app development world: AI, ML, IoT, and blockchain.

Thus, if you want to work on any app development project that belongs to these, contact “App development pros.”

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