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Which Platform Is Best To Choose For Windows Application Development


March 20 , 2023 Posted by Admin

Desktop applications are computer programs that make use of system resources to run on PCs. These applications function on top of operating systems including Linux, Windows, and macOS.

Microsoft Office, Windows File Explorer, VLC Media Player, and Activity Monitor on macOS are a few of the best examples of desktop programs.

The procedure of getting windows app development services is simple. The program must first be downloaded from an official source, aside from any that come preinstalled on your machine. For instance, you must search for Microsoft Office on Microsoft’s official website if you wish to use Microsoft Excel. You can then install the software on your computer and download it from there.

You may learn more about the various desktop application development platforms available to you in this post, as well as how the process works.

Basics of Desktop Application Development

desktop application

Desktop programs typically vary in terms of usefulness and complexity. For instance, while other programs, like Microsoft Office, provide you access to a wide range of functions, gaming software focuses on a certain set of functionality. Some software is simple to use. Others need specific abilities and information to function.

Moreover, operating systems impact how desktop apps function. Some programs simply require the minimal permissions that the OS permits. Others demand that the user grant additional authority by granting administrative rights. Microsoft Word came in second with 18.2 million downloads onto mobile devices globally, despite the Office Suite apps frequently coming preinstalled on Android and iOS phones.

In order to function, desktop apps may also need particular hardware and software characteristics. For instance, a computer must have a core i5 processor, at least 4GB of RAM, and a 2GB GPU in order to run Adobe Premiere Pro. Such software is configured to disallow systems that fall short of the minimum standards. The operating system version that single page app development services, or a piece of software can run on can also be specified by developers in their code.

Here Are A Few Popular Categories of Desktop Software;

  • Software for Applications

These programs are installed by users to assist them in carrying out particular tasks. For example, photos could be altered by installing a photo editing program.

  • Program Development

You can create, test, and troubleshoot other software programs using these tools. Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, and Visual Studio are examples of this type of programming tools.

  • Software for Systems

Windows app development services offer an abstraction layer over the hardware, establishing an environment that makes it possible to carry out tasks. Operating systems, virtual assistants, and game engines are a few examples of system software.

  • Browsers

You can browse the internet and web content using these programs. Firefox, Chrome, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Edge are a few examples of browsers.

Web Development Versus Desktop Development

web development

You can use programming languages to design webpages and other web apps. You may create websites using a variety of programming languages, including PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

The following characteristics set desktop apps apart from web app development;

  • Prerequisites for Connectivity

The internet is vital for web development. For users to access online applications, they must have internet access. Desktop programs, however, can operate locally. Users are not need to have an internet connection to carry out various operations, such as storing and retrieving data.

  • Technology and Techniques for Development

In the past, high-level programming languages like C, C++, Java, Paskal, Swift, Go, and Ruby were mostly used to create desktop apps. Web applications, on the other hand, make use of languages like JavaScript, PHP, CSS, and HTML. Currently, the majority of these languages have developed to the point where they can be used to create desktop and web applications. Python, for instance, can be used to develop backend APIs for frontend web programs as well as data science desktop applications.

  • Installation/Updates

In order to install or update desktop apps, users must download the necessary files to their computers. Since web applications can be accessed through browsers, no prior installation is necessary, and users typically have access to the most recent software by default.

  • Accessibility

Web applications score better on accessibility than desktop programs do. As desktop apps are platform-specific, downloading and installing an executable package may take some time. Alternatively, by going to a specified Address, web apps can be rapidly accessible.

  • Security

Because system-specific regulations shield desktop applications, they are more secure than online apps. Desktop programs can be managed more effectively by users or administrators.

Top Platforms for Developing Desktop Applications

development of desktop apps

By selecting the best desktop development platform, you may enhance productivity, cut down on boilerplate code, and save time. A solid platform guarantees that you can access the prerequisites or tools required to build a top-notch desktop application. Moreover, if you are looking for single page app development services, then contact App Development Pros.

Here are a few of the best platforms for creating desktop applications

  1. Electron Js

With the use of the software framework Electron Js, you may create cross-platform app development services utilizing CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. InVision, Slack, Twitch, WhatsApp, and Visual Studio Code are a few of the well-known desktop programs created with Electron Js.

Top Qualities


You can construct cross-platform apps with Electron Js. This implies that you may create apps for the Linux, Windows, and Mac operating systems from a same code base.

  • Free Software

The OpenJs foundation works with hundreds of developers to maintain Electron Js. This enormous community can assist with problem fixes and the creation of new features. If you run into difficulties, this vibrant community could just be able to assist.

  • Regular Updates

Once deployed, desktop apps can update themselves automatically thanks to Electron Js. This feature can be used by programmers to guarantee that users always have access to the most recent features.

  • Crash Analytics and Reporting

Data on your application’s performance in actual contexts is gathered by Electron Js. This knowledge can be used to locate performance bottlenecks and resolve them.

  • Decent Distribution

In order to compile all of your source code into a platform-specific installation file that you can provide to end users, Electron Js employs Electron Forge. Hence, Electron Forge enables you to swiftly transition your application from the development environment to the production environment.

  1. WPF

With the help of the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) framework, you may utilize the XAML programming language to design the user interface for your Windows apps. WPF allows for the creation of additional application features such as layouts, controls, resources, models, and documents.

Top Qualities

  • XAML Support

With the Highly configurable Application Markup Language (XAML), WPF enables you to quickly construct your declarative user interfaces.

  • Compatibility

The NET framework, which includes libraries and tools for creating games, web, mobile, and other microservices, is compatible with WPF. These libraries can be used to enhance the functionality of your application.

  • Responsive Layouts


Changes in the window or screen size should be accommodated with a proper layout. WPF offers a flexible layout mechanism that regulates how responsive your UI components are. Canvas, WrapPanel, VirtualizingStackPanel, StackPanel, Grid, and DockPanel are components of the layout control system. After doing this, you may concentrate on building the application logic itself.

Furthermore if you are looking for services other than windows app development then get in touch with us as we also provide game app development services with the help of our highly professional team of mobile game developers.

  • Better Input and Command Handling

WPF uses routed and direct events for mouse positioning, focus management, and text input. You can use these events to build highly interactive applications.

  1. WinForms

You can create user interfaces for your Windows desktop application using Windows Forms, also known as WinForms.

Top Qualities

  • Editor with Drag and Drop

You may quickly drag and drop and rearrange items in your application using WinForms.

  • Interactive User Interfaces

The Net framework is compatible with WinForms, giving you access to libraries and other requirements for creating various elements of your interface.

  • Visualization of Data

You can retrieve data from an API, JSON file, XML, or other data sources with WinForms’ DataGridView component and display it in a tabular format.. This functionality expedites the creation of your application.

  1. Cocoa


Cocoa provides an integrated runtime system, object-oriented framework, and programming environment for iOS and OS X. Cocoa may be used to create desktop and mobile applications. To access Cocoa’s features, you must, however, download Interface Builder or XCode.

Top Qualities

  • UI Elements

You may design user interfaces for macOS desktop programs using a variety of UI components that are provided by Cocoa. Sliders, radio buttons, text fields, navigation bars, date pickers, dialogue sheets, and drawers are some of the UI components.

  • Multilingual assistance

Cocoa makes it easier to localize your resources, such as photos, text, and some UI elements, if you’re creating an application that will be used in multiple locations.

  • Networking

Moreover, desktop apps can use sockets and internet protocols to interface with external APIs and servers through Cocoa.

  • System Interplay

Using Cocoa as an abstraction layer, you may interact with the file system and other OS-level functionality.

  1. Universal Windows Platform (UWP)


With the aid of the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), desktop applications specifically designed for Windows 10 and 11 can be produced.

Top Qualities

  • Adaptive Controls and Responsive Designs

You can develop user interfaces with UWP that adjust for screen size or DPI (density per pixel). Moreover, UWP applications work with a variety of input devices, including keyboards, mice, touch screens, and gaming controllers.

  • An App Shop

Via the Microsoft Store, you may make your UWP application available to users. The Azure Monitoring tool can also be used to analyze user behavior and make program enhancements.

  • Monetization

You can use methods like in-app purchases, adverts, or setting a set download price on the Microsoft Store to monetize your program using UWP.


Convenience, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency can be achieved when building apps using the appropriate framework and toolkit. The programmers can work faster and with fewer resources to create apps that are high-quality and specifically tailored to your client’s needs.

In order to create outstanding desktop applications, pick the top frameworks or toolkits from the list above based on your preferences and the needs of the project. If you are looking for windows app development and single page app development services, then get in touch with App development Pros.


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