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Procreate launching radical iPad app with animation Feature


November 30 , 2023 Posted by Admin

The barriers to becoming a creator are slowly reducing in a world where creativity has no limits. Whether you’re into filmmaking, podcasting, digital illustration, or game design, affordable software has opened doors to vast possibilities. But there has always been one difficult-to-catch creative place: 2D animation. The intricate technical complexities, expensive equipment, and clunky interfaces have discouraged aspiring animators from realizing their dreams.

Enter “Procreate Dreams,” the game-changing App from the brilliant minds behind the Procreate team, the chart-topping iPad illustration program. With Procreate Dreams, they are on a mission to cause change in 2D animation, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or budget.

In this blog post, our iPad application development services team in the USA researched Procreate Dreams and discovered how this innovative App promises a new age of 2D animation. We’ll explore its user-friendly features, the passionate creators behind it, and how it’s super affordable and surprising to the creative community.


Procreate Dreams App Comes with a 2D AnimationProcreate Dreams App Comes with a 2D Animation-01

Procreate Dreams, which creators design for creators, aims to show in a 2D animation, giving an extraordinarily user-friendly experience and an affordable price point.

In an exclusive interview with LBB’s Laura Swinton, Chief Product Officer Claire d’Este and CEO James Cuda shed light on this ingenious work.

In the current digital world, becoming a content creator is more accessible than ever. Free or reasonably priced software is available to everyone in game design, podcasting, filmmaking, and digital illustration.

However, the same couldn’t be true for 2D animation, a captivating yet traditionally intricate medium. Aspiring animators often encounter a tough barrier to entry, kept by daunting technical difficulties, costly equipment and software, and clunky interfaces.


Procreate Dreams: A Journey of InnovationProcreate Dreams A Journey of Innovation-01

Procreate Dreams will be a groundbreaking app on November 22, 2023. At its core, this App is a powerful animation tool that simplifies the animation process. Users can easily create motion graphics as well as hand-drawn animations and improve them with videos, photos, and sound.

The team has, with care, strived to replicate the fluid drawing experience of Procreate within “Procreate Dreams.” Serious effort has been put into crafting highly accessible animation features, such as the user-friendly ‘Perform’ mode; beginners can now set their images in motion by simply dragging them across the screen. For professionals, this user-friendliness is harmonized with the more advanced requirements so they can have simplified workflows that allow them to stay immersed in their creative process without the headaches of rendering or exporting to external programs.

Additionally, they prefer control over techniques like keyframing and even frame-by-frame animation, all with no issue integrated with the ‘Perform’ mode.

Just before the grand disclose at London’s Playgrounds In Motion festival last week, CEO James Cuda was thrilled to share the completion of five years of hard work. The innovative multi-touch ‘Perform’ feature, the vast canvas has millions of pixels, the streamlined workflow, and the detailed Procreate fluidity are all elements he couldn’t wait to present to the world. However, what truly ignited the most significant buzz was the astonishingly modest $19.99 one-time price tag.

James expressed his surprise at the overwhelmingly positive response, recounting how artists approached him after the presentation, admitting they had initially assumed the tool would be financially out of reach.

This pricing strategy was a carefully calculated move. James vividly recalled how, as a younger enthusiast, he was prevented from entering the domain of digital illustration due to the excessive costs associated with industry-standard tools. Now, hefty monthly subscriptions have become the industry norm, a commitment that can be financially unattainable for many, especially those who want to explore and nurture their skills independently.

“As a young man, that left a lasting impression on me. I dreamed of acquiring these skills, but there seemed to be an impossible financial barrier,” he recalled. “We are genuinely optimistic that we will reach countless young individuals, both boys and girls, who may have harbored stories they longed to tell but were deterred by financial constraints. We truly hope for the arrival of a new generation of storytellers.”


Empathy-Driven Leadership: A Creative ConnectionEmpathy-Driven Leadership A Creative Connection-01

Procreate’s unique empathy for aspiring creatives arises from its unique leadership, which is perhaps unusual for what is primarily considered a tech company. This animating principle has been at the core of Procreate since its inception in 2011, all the way from Hobart, Australia.

This presence on the App Store, with two Apple Design Awards, has made Procreate the number one-selling paid iPad application. James Cuda, the CEO of Savage Interactive Ltd., was inspired to create Procreate out of his love for drawing, painting, and photography.

During its initial days, pre-artists professional hands on the App James made the demo illustrations.

Traveling to London for the launch alongside James, Procreate’s Chief Product Officer Claire d’Este, a writer and musician, further exemplifies this company culture deeply rooted in creativity.

Claire perceives this deep understanding and high esteem for the creative process as it helped make Procreate and Dreams successful.

She says, “I believe that because we genuinely care about the artists’ experiences, they create work that feels flowing quickly, and they genuinely enjoy themselves. They recognize that we share that same concern because we invest tireless effort into introducing new features. We’ve exerted tremendous effort with Dreams to make it feel just as natural and enjoyable.


Creative Flow: Dreams for Studios and ArtistsCreative Flow Dreams for Studios and Artists-01

In animation, Dreams provides creators with a toolbox to stay immersed. It enables video editing, sound integration within the App, and real-time rendering for instant playback. By engaging with numerous animators, a recurring challenge emerged: the constant need to export projects across various software platforms.

James comments, “We thought there must be a better way. Because Dreams consolidates various tools into one, a substantial advantage—I can remain wholly focused on the creative flow. It becomes a smooth journey of creation, instead of stopping to fix problems like a scientist.”

Although the Dreams team has crafted it carefully with artists in mind, James anticipates this uninterrupted creativity could produce commercial advantages for studios and agencies. While he hesitates to use the term ‘productivity’ in the context of creativity, he believes it could speed up workflows for creative businesses and studios.

Achieving a creative process that feels simply smooth is paradoxically a tricky challenge. This complexity explains why the team took five years to breathe life into Dreams. Many simple features, like the previously mentioned ‘Perform’ and the easy transition between animation methods, are rooted in fine intricacies.

Moreover, the team has introduced a unique file format for iCloud synchronization and more accessible project sharing among individuals and studios. Claire clarifies, “Considering the scale of the documents we’re dealing with and the possibilities involved, entirely new data storage methods became necessary.” Even this new file format highlights the goal of keeping the creative ‘flow.’


Balance Act: Comprehensive vs. IntuitiveBalance Act Comprehensive vsIntuitive-01

One ongoing tension the team faced was finding the delicate balance between creating a comprehensive tool and one that remains intuitive. James remarks, “They always clash. Hitting the right balance is a delicate dance.” He elaborates that the team uses the concept of interaction hierarchy to prioritize features, and the guiding principle always remains ‘care.’

Claire emphasizes the advantage of being an independent company, allowing for decisions to be made with a more human touch rather than solely relying on data. She declares, “One of the greatest aspects of working at Procreate is our independence. James doesn’t base our next steps on data tracking and user clicks. We approach it much more from the heart.”

This independence also allows the team to carefully plan how to introduce new features over the next five years. James emphasizes, “What we’ve discussed this week only scratches the surface of what we’ve created. The technology at our disposal is strong enough and versatile, but we didn’t want to overwhelm users by quickly surfacing everything. We wanted to ensure that the usability remains intact.”

With the product officially launched and the eagerly anticipated release date set for November 22, the team has 69 days to sprint to market. Their genuine excitement lies in catching the infinite creativity their vibrant community of artists can declare with Dreams. Since Procreate’s inception, artists and makers have been blowing away the team with their incredible outputs.

Notably, artists welcomed the original Procreate illustration app’s basic animation capabilities, leading them to craft captivating music videos. This key catalyst inspired the team to create a dedicated animation tool. Over time, this community of artists is now a vital support of Procreate’s journey. In the early days, empty of a marketing budget, the team’s strategy revolved around engaging artists’ forums and granting them free access to the App; this started a vast word-of-mouth promotion that spread like wildfire.

In the future, James and Claire are excited, wondering if Dreams could bring a new age of 2D animation. With adult 2D animations like the stylistic diversity seen in 2023’s “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse” and the globally dominant “Rick and Morty,” there is a certain hunger for this art form.

James notes many animators have made the shift to 3D tools for creating 2D animation over recent years because it has become so easy and accessible. He wants that Dreams will prompt more creators to embrace the enduring charms of hand-drawn 2D animation.

“It is all part of the spirit of every human-made thing. It’s tangible, it’s organic. And, really, we’re just glad to see it. “There’s a kind of gravitational pull to it,” says James. And that’s what’s so amazing about 2D animation: it frees itself from the shackles of physics… it knows no bounds.



Procreate Dreams is a game-changing development in 2D animation that opens up limitless creative possibilities. Animation becomes accessible and affordable to everyone with its intuitive interface and low cost. Empathetic leadership and a focus on creativity at Procreate make the journey easy for artists and studios.

By balancing complexity and intuitiveness, Procreate’s independence allows it to make user-centric decisions. As Dreams launches, the vibrant community of creators eagerly awaits it. In a world craving artistic diversity, Dreams invites creators to rediscover the magic of 2D animation, bound only by their imagination.

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