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Transform Your Business with Top 8 Health Apps for Apple Watch 2023: Create Your Own Success Story Now!


May 30 , 2023 Posted by Admin

As wearable technology is widespread, the Apple Watch has become a meaningful way to track health and exercise goals. With its advanced sensors and cutting-edge features, the Apple Watch has numerous health-related apps that can help users manage everything from their workouts to how they sleep.

As a business that makes apps for the Apple Watch, we know how important it is to create functional but also fun and exciting apps. This blog from App Development Pros, known for the Apple Watch app design services in the USA, will talk about the top 8 health apps for the Apple Watch in 2023 that we think are the best and can serve as a guide for creating your own health apps. Let’s dive in!

1. Calm: Relaxation, Sleep, And Meditation


Experiencing stress and worry can be incredibly challenging for anyone. You can’t be happy, focused, or at your best when you are not at ease. This app helps you eliminate these demons, and it has been highly recommended by well-known mental health professionals.
The app “Calm” is a helpful tool for people who struggle with sleeping, calming down, and meditating. It caters to individuals of all levels, from beginners to experts. You can choose from sessions of different lengths based on how much time you have.

This app includes sleep stories, including bedtime tales that can assist in falling asleep. Because they are read by people like Stephen Fry, Matthew McConaughey, and Jerome Flynn, known as “sleep gods.”

And that’s just the beginning. Calm is full of amazing little things that improve your day, like guided meditations, breathing exercises, and relaxing music.

2. MyFitnessPal: Track Your Eating Practices And Calories

As the famous saying goes, what you eat dramatically impacts your health and overall well-being. Essentially, you become what you eat. A proper exercise app should also incorporate a nutritious diet. MyFitnessPal can assist you in achieving your health goals, whether it be weight loss, habit change, starting a new diet, or getting in shape.
A straightforward user interface makes tracking your food and drink intake easy. This app is better than other diet trackers and calorie counters because it has a vast collection of more than 6 million foods.

Also, a handy built-in barcode scanner lets you scan things to add them to your list. Achieving your goals is easy with a simple meal list with all the relevant nutritional information. By keeping track of your meals’ calorie, fat, cholesterol, vitamin, protein, carbohydrate, sugar, and fiber content, you can stay on track and progress toward your goals.

3. StepDog: Watch Face Dog


Here is a unique health app for your Apple Watch that looks like a virtual animal. You want to walk StepDog daily to reach your personal goal and live a healthy life. When the goal is reached, your pet will go to sleep.
You can easily track your daily steps through the app, on your watch face, or within a designated window. When you purchase the premium pack, you’ll have access to extra features, like choosing and personalizing a virtual dog that you can observe as it moves, rests, eats, runs, and sleeps.

By purchasing the Location Pack, you can view a daily weather forecast in the morning and live weather backgrounds while interacting with your pet. In addition, you can participate in the local leaderboards, where you can challenge your friends and earn medals.

4. Map My Run: More Money From Your Runs

Designers create fitness apps to help you become a better runner. It has tools and features that push you to reach your goal while keeping track of your trip and making a map of it. No matter your experience level, Map My Run is a great companion on your running journey. Whether you’re a new or an avid runner, this app is here to help.
It lets you track your run from your Apple Watch and get real-time feedback in visual, haptic, or audible input. At a look, you can see how far you’ve gone, how fast you’re going, how many calories you’ve burned, and more.

The app can track more than 600 exercises, like yoga, cross-training, and running. If you have Under Armour shoes, you can connect them to get better info about your run.

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5. Nike Run Club: Your Perfect Running Partner


When we jog, we often listen to upbeat music to keep pace. This gives us the drive to go farther and faster. Nike provides the story with a new twist with its audio-guided runs.
Turning on in-ear audio while you run will give you direction, ideas, and drive. The music in the app was made by Nike teachers, pro athletes, and celebrities like Kevin Hart and Mo Farah.

This app provides a complete running experience with GPS tracking, personalized coaching plans, distance challenges, and detailed performance analysis. You can track your pace, heart rate, elevation, mile splits, and other factors to help you achieve your goals.

6. Strava: Run, Ride, Swim – Increases The Effectiveness Of Your Training

Strava Inc. made the app for people who care about their health seriously and has three ways to learn and improve.
First, you have to keep track of and look at your progress. Pay attention to essential measurements like distance traveled, speed, altitude gained, and calories burned. Secondly, with the most extensive trail network in the world, it gives you new ways to train and maps to help you find them. Last but not least, it has brand-new challenges every month where you can fight against athletes or fitness fans worldwide.

Your actions can be posted on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages. Apart from outdoor activities such as swimming, rock climbing, hiking, surfing, and kayaking, this system can also monitor indoor exercises like yoga, CrossFit, gym workouts, and other indoor activities.

7. Pacer (Pedometer & Fitness): Keep Track Of All The Steps You Take


This app for tracking steps is highly comprehensive and versatile, with numerous impressive features. The app works a lot like a personal health guide who closely monitors what you do. It keeps track of everything, such as busy time, steps, distance, flights, and calories.
Using the GPS on your smartwatch, the software keeps track of everything you do outside, like walking, riding, and climbing. Monitoring your weight and BMI regularly can be beneficial if you’re trying to lose weight and enhance your overall well-being.

In the app, a big group of people who are really into health and fitness is there to support you if you ever require some motivation to get back up after a failure or find new ways to get healthy. Establishing daily targets can be an effective way to maintain your concentration and drive to accomplish your goals and inspire those around you.

8. Lifesum (Diet & Macro Tracker): Make Your Diets And Meal Plans Fit Your Needs

Making informed decisions about your diet now becomes easy with the Lifesum health app. You can seamlessly incorporate smart food choices into your daily routine with the help of this user-friendly app. With the use of the simple tips and information given, you can develop healthy eating habits.
Lifesum can help you determine what foods you like and how much you should eat. This tool teaches you how to track your calorie intake and offers helpful advice on maintaining a healthy diet. This resource can improve your well-being and help you make informed food choices.

You also have access to detailed activity tracking, reminders to drink water, and advice for different diet and meal plans. It keeps track of your habits and, based on that, gives you a general idea of whether you are meeting your daily or long-term goals.


With many apps to help users reach their goals, the Apple Watch has become essential for keeping track of exercise and health. These apps have different features, like meditating, jogging, and keeping track of what you eat, that can help users stay motivated and make progress toward their fitness and health goals.

As the top Apple watch app design services provider, these 10 health apps will be the best for the device in 2023. This collection is meant to give you ideas to start when making your own innovative and easy-to-use health apps for the Apple Watch from us.

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