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Hybrid Apps and Why They’ll Be Big


February 17 , 2021 Posted by Admin

The cell phone is now amongst the most common things people consider to be a necessity in everyday life. Just about all of us have a priority towards our phones to a varying degree. For family, friends, work and play our cell phones are with us constantly like the companions we seldom acknowledge amidst the hectic schedule of our lives. We can differ on how important the cell phone is to the average Joe and Jane, and how important it should be, but we have to admit that it is crucial to our way of life. It’s worth the time and effort we invest so heavily in our phones, so much so, that one of the most common habits people have in their free time is to look at their phones. The cell phone, despite its soluble influence on our identity, is taken for granted.

As society moves further and further away from conventional workstation preference like using the PC, laptops and even tablets the more the cell phone will become vital to our daily working be it the job or social communication. It’s just a habit for us now. Without any bias whatsoever we can say that our cell phones are now part of our identity. The people know this. The manufacturers know this. The providers, the retailers, and the techs know this. So why hasn’t it come down to the cell phone to be the only device you need? It’s simple really – functionality. That’s where the mobile app comes in.

Importance of the Mobile App

Importance of the Mobile App

Most mobile apps are handy and efficient. They capitalize on the fact that the user needs a particular task done quickly, easily, and dependably. Keeping that in mind any mobile app company, before taking on a project like making an app, considers very thoroughly what the use of the app will be like and whether there is a real need for it – a marketable need. This doesn’t just mean what the app would be used for, that is already included in the idea for the app itself, no. It means whether the app will be durable and translatable – something that will work in a variety of contexts and circumstances, through thick and thin.  

The app needs to be able to take a lot of hits in a phone that hasn’t been restarted for a few days or an operating system that hasn’t been updated in a while or a phone that hasn’t had its memory and RAM optimized in quite some time. A lot of iOS app development services take pride in their apps not crashing or hanging, credit where credit’s due, but it also has a lot to do with iOS’s run durability. I suppose one could suggest that iOS and Android users both have a similar and yet very different experience when using their phones. 

So how do you get the most out of this? Consider this when we eventually move on to ‘the next big thing’ to instill into us as deeply and to the core, the fundamental concept for which we hold our cell phones so dear to our hearts; will remain the same. It’ll just become the new DVD player.

Mobile App Development Process

Mobile App Development Process

After the initial idea of the app, the developers and designers put their heads together to streamline the process. To find the most reliable way to design the layout and develop and code or build the software side of it. The app development process of any app goes through the tiresome process of designing the app, all for the user’s benefit, after the development stages it’s put through the testing phase – beta or otherwise. This is only to gauge user experience via the discovery of bugs, glitches, etc. Only after working out the kinks, the project moves on.

Beta testing and Results

Beta testing and Results

To get reliable and accurate results the testing is done on numerous devices which may or may not include android, iOS, Windows, and HTML. In that case, the app developers might even build it with multiple codes or coding languages or all of them. This is called hybrid app development – where the app developers build cross operating systems. Mobile games are a good example of this especially the MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) kind. To this day the best and most smoothly run apps are hybrid apps. Since it’s an exponentially larger project, the app developers give it the due care, attention, and investment it deserves.

All things considered

The future looks compact and in the palm of our hands. More and more apps are rolling out to the App Store and Google Play Store as cross-coded or hybrid apps. Most often being a game for a diverse user base for the developers and administrators to cater to and the users’ to experience fully with a larger player base. Hybrid apps are taking over slowly but surely and in the new world of smartphones, the difference between the Google Play Store and the App Store is meaningless.

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