Managing Your Time In 3 Easy Steps

For busy managers time management is essential to getting things done. Time management is about controlling  your most valuable resource, your time. Time management is a process and just like any process you can improve it. Managing time means investing your time to get what you decide you want out of life, including what you want out of being a member of a group. This concept of managing time assumes that you have clearly focused values and goals for your work, family, studies, social activities, other people, and most importantly, yourself.

In this blog post you are going to learn the big three steps to more effective time management. Follow these strategies and you will be able to deploy your time in a much more efficient manner, resulting in greater personal productivity; getting you more out of life.

  1. Organize

Ideally, you should make a list each morning of everything that you want or need to do for that day. Do not plan every minute and don’t even think about which task is most important. Just write them all down. Some people find it more helpful to list their things to do  in 5 to 7 day groupings. In this way they can plan for longer projects and get a better sense of their week. Whichever method you choose keep in mind everyone has good and bad days. Do not scold yourself if you don’t achieve everything  just add the unfinished tasks to your next list and get them done.

  1. Prioritize

After you have listed these things to do go back over the list and rewrite in priority order which things you need or want to do at the top and less important tasks at the bottom. Another option is to use a grading method with your list. For example, mark those things you need or want to get done immediately with an A+ while those things that are less important with a C. Keep in mind due dates, commitments you have made  and whether or not these tasks involve others. If the items are for class, it is important to consider how much of the final grade they are worth. How you choose to prioritize is a very personal matter. What is important is that you are responsible with your priorities.

  1. Schedule

The last thing to do is to take this list and begin to work these  things to do  into your schedule. Do not plan every minute of your day. Remember to leave room for breaks, socializing, and those unexpected things that pop up. There is  no use making a schedule that is impossible to follow. Try these suggestions see what works best and then be sure to add  them into your lifestyle. Learning effective time management now will help you throughout your personal life and professional career.

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